So we are at 11/28

17 sessions of radiation to go.

Of all the treatments so far this is by far the worst for me.

Wouterman hates, hates, absolutely hates the anaesthetic.  It gives him a headspin.  He is now at the stage where he insists that I hold his head when any medicine is given.  He wants me to promise that he will not receive the “white milk medicine”.  I am caught in this horrible place where I try so hard not to lie to him but at the same time telling him that he has to get it freaks him out even more. 

The only thing that he hates more than the anaesthetic is the radiation area.  So he has to be anaethetised.

What to do?


4 Responses

  1. You take one day at a time and you’ll get through it. If it makes him feel in control that you hold his head, then go along with it.

    We used to tell Bianca each time we needed to do something unpleasant that it was to help her soldiers get better because she knows that they are sick and need special medicine.

    What if you made lucky packets that you decorate on the outside and fill with surprises. He gets to choose one bag (without knowing what is inside) and he gets it at a time you decide. That will also help with a countdown – only x amount still to go and so on. I did that for Bianca once when she needed to get 6 injections into her leg – one every second day.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of this entry you will see the bags I made:

  2. Is daar enige slaapmedisyne wat julle in sy melk of koeldrank kan sit sodat hy reeds aan die slaap is as hy sy narkose kry? Vreeslike gedagte, ek weet, maar as daar iets veiligs is wat hy kan gebruik…. wel, in aggenome wat tans alles in sy lyf gepomp word, is veilig seker in elk geval ‘n relatiewe begrip.

    Ek dink net die angs as hy nie in sy slaap betrek word nie, moet ‘n groter negatiewe effek op sy gestel he as wat iets soos baldrianox (‘n kruie slaapmiddel) mag he.

  3. Hi,

    There is an award over at my blog for you!

  4. Suzanne ek het alweer nie woorde nie. Ek wonder of die speterapeut dalk met ‘n blink gedagte kan help. Baie sterkte, dink aan julle!

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