Doctors do it for the money

If you think that – if you’ve ever thought that – please remove yourself from my blog.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  Boeta needs to receive his chemo.  So the oncology pharmacist is opening up shop to mix his meds.  Thanks Amanda, for sacrificing your weekend once again so that my son may receive his treatment.

Tomorrow Cristina has to check on Boeta while he is receiving his chemo.  Thank you for leaving your family at home to look after mine.

Today Woutertjie received his radiation under general anaesthetic at 16:00.  Dr Basson had to do 3 more patients from 17:00 and was booked to start with a whole lot more at 20:00.  Which meant that she would only get home tomorrow morning.  This is after she was supposed to be on leave the whole of last week and still came in every day to do Boeta’s anaesthetic.

She is assisted by Nicky, her right-hand ;-), who is a nursing sister.  Nicky runs around getting everything ready, helps play porter to get Boeta from the one end of the hospital (paediatric ward) to the other (radiation), sets up the equipment to get Boeta safely awake again and does it all with a smile.  Thanks Nicky, for working overtime to keep my son safe.

The radiation practice closes at 16:00.  Woutertjie’s sessions are booked for after that so that the other patients aren’t inconvenienced if we run late.  Thank you to Marileze, Liezel and all the other radiotherapists (I am horrible with names but I know your faces – does it count?) who go out of their way to accommodate us.

Dr Jacobs, the radiation oncologist, came in on Friday (Good Friday) to assist with Boeta’s radiation.

The lab staff have to be available all the time, every day.

The kitchen staff have to be on duty the whole time.  Have I told you that Boeta gets whatever he feels like from the kitchen?   They make exactly what he asks for to make certain that he eats and gains weight.

And then I haven’t even started singing the praises of the nursing staff.  But by now you should know that I love them like family.

I was told this morning that our doctors told the pharmacist at the start of this journey not to start planning the second part of Boeta’s treatment (that he is busy with now) because he probably wouldn’t get it.  Thank you to all the doctors, nurses and miscellaneous others involved, for giving your all even though you didn’t see a future for Wouterman. 

And thank you for not telling him how sick he was.  No one told him so he just got on with getting better.  At the moment his single biggest issue is that he wants another birthday cake.  Because I said he could get a cake when he turned 4 and his is 4 now.  And he will be 4 tomorrow, so then he will need another cake.  And then the day after he will still be 4…


2 Responses

  1. Ha-ha-ha – what a cool idea to get a cake for everyday you are 4. It is a cool idea too, because we need to celebrate today and now.

    Yes, I too believe the doctors and nurses just put so much effort into what they do.

    Hugs, prayers and thoughts as always!!!

  2. You reminded me of how much we all have to be grateful for.
    That you can be going through such a hard time and still be so grateful (and eloquent) is amazing to me.

    How far you have all come is in no small way a testimony to *your* determination and hard work, Suzanne!

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