Here is your chance to make a difference

I just heard that one of the boys who receive chemo here (he is the 4-and-a-half year old with neuroblastoma) needs help.  I have to check with his parents if they are OK with me naming him here so until I do I am just going to call him A.

As you are well aware now, following chemo the full blood count goes south.  Chemo can’t continue until the levels are higher.  The levels will eventually return to normal on its own but it takes time.  And the time it takes delays the chemotherapy, giving the tumour time to grow back.

When Woutertjie was in this position he was given Neupogen injections in his thighs.  It is a bone marrow booster, meaning that the bone marrow gets a kick in the behind and starts making cells ASAP.  This way he was ready for the next chemo on time.

After previously approving the Neupogen, A’s medical aid has now decided to decline further Neupogen.  His levels are atrocious.  There is no way that he can receive chemo anytime soon and based on our experience it takes at least 2 weeks for the counts to return to treatable levels.  2 weeks is a very long time in chemo delay terms.

The Neupogen costs about R1600 for a 5 day course.  A will probably need a number of courses over the months of his treatment.  If you want to contribute towards A’s boosters or simply want to donate money to pay for treatment of any child who’s medical aid won’t pay up, please do so!  We are in the exceptionally fortunate position that our medical aid is paying and it breaks my heart to think of this family who will have to postpone the treatment because of money.  I decided to post account details for contributions to other children’s treatment.  I will let you know what it is spent on.  Thank you in advance!

Suzanne Grove

ABSA savings account

account number 1058 040 564

branch code 632 005

reference:  boosters (or Neupogen or anything really, as long as I know it isn’t meant for me!)

And if you could send a confirmation I would be much obliged.  My cell number is 082 8566 599.  This isn’t my day-to-day account so if you don’t let me know about your donation I won’t know that it is there! 😀

Did I just post my cellphone number on the www?  Oh my word.  I am a rebel after all.


3 Responses

  1. hi suzanne

    great post on making a difference and was wondering if you can help me out. there is an emergency marrow donation drive in boston to try to help a 2-year-old girl named Eve. can you dedicate a blog post to reach your audience and maybe someone will be a match for little Eve. if you want more info:

  2. I’ll most definitely keep them in my prayers!!!

  3. Ai Suzanne, dit is so hartseer om dit te lees!

    Ek hoop jy word gou gehelp!



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