The power of prayer

At this time of year we are constantly reminded of the blessings that God bestows on us.  The most important of them being the birth and death of Christ but also the “smaller” everyday blessings.

This year I am bombarded from all sides with the evidence of blessings. 

Woutertjie has had no side-effects at all after his chemo and radiation.  According to the doctors this is his most intense treatment to date and he was supposed to be nauseous and vomiting after the radiation as well as doubled over with stomach cramps and diarrhea from the chemo.  And here he is, currently working on Carien’s (and our!) nerves in between eating and drinking, building towers with the couch cushions and then launching himself from them, singing and dancing at the slightest beat and in general just being a normal, healthy 4 year old.

Remember I told you about the very expensive chemo that has pages full of treatment data for all the side-effects?  This is the one.  So we are doubly blessed – firstly the medical aid is paying and then secondly Wouterman is taking it so well.

We had lunch at my parents’ house with my brother and his (pregnant) wife and my youngest sister and her boyfriend.  It was so nice and so good and so much of a blessing.

Tonight we are eating frozen meals (yes, I am defrosting it first) that the mom’s from Boeta’s play school brings to us.  Every Monday we receive meals for the week and when I get home I can just stick something in the microwave.  Spending 14 hours a day in hospital does not lend itself to haute cousine cooking.  I try to make haute hawt hot food every day. ;-D

Soon after we were married Wouter proposed that we go visit my parents one Sunday morning.  Because he was “lus vir lekker kos” (wanted to eat nice food).  He is still alive.  I think that is ample evidence of how much I love him.

Another blessing is the simple fact that we are home.  If we lived far away from Cape Town we would’ve had to either move here or spend hours and hours driving here for treatment.  And since Boeta isn’t allowed to drive long distances when his counts are too low that would’ve meant that we had to spend even more time away from home.

Right now I am going to try and find the charger for the camera.  Carien is drawing (with white board marker) on a “learn to draw” cardboard book, her arms, her legs, everywhere.  You need to see this picture.  As soon as I find the charger….


2 Responses

  1. I love it when the kids prove the doctors wrong and you are so right about the power of prayer!!!

    Hugs, thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. Ek is bly dit gaan so goed met Boeta, en dat hy die medici kan verkeerd bewys!!

    Ai, dis sulke goeie nuus om te hoor die mediese fonds betaal vir sy behandeling.

    Sterkte vir die week wat voorle!




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