Happy birthday!

Woutertjie is now officially 4 years old.  Since he has been having birthday parties for a week now and will continue for another week (what a responsibility!) he has been telling everyone that he was 4 for a week already.  He is loving being 4.  Mainly because he finds it easier to hold up 4 fingers than 3. 

I don’t feel like writing today.  I promise I’ll do a long post tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. What a cool cake!!!! And wow, he looks so happy!

    And being 4 well that’s just much better than being 3 isn’t it?

  2. LOL, Lea, is you knew how much drama surrounded that cake you would say it is FANTASTIC, cause “cool” just doesn’t cut it. 🙂

    Zani, you’re a very very very good mom and your children adore you. Keep up the “make normal” ! xxx

  3. Apologies – “FANTASTIC” cake :-). It really is – I wish I could make cakes look like that 🙂

  4. Hi woutertjie!
    Ek is een van die tannies by die hospitaal…..ek sien nou eers hoe mooi seuntjie jy is!! Ons gaan daardie krokkenoster wegjaag!
    Mooi bly en soet wees
    **tannie Liezel

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