The way of things

The one thing I just don’t understand is Life.  Well, there are a lot of things I don’t understand (like why vinegar socks are supposed to help for fever) but one of them is life.  Every day I plan on writing a upbeat post and every day before I get to write it, something happens to make me forget about the upbeat post.  And then I write long, rambling piece trying to get to grips with whatever happened.

Today the same sequence of events took place.  I was on the verge of writing a minute by minute runthrough of the day and then I decided not to.  Can you spot the rebellion?  I am very proud of myself.  Whoo hoo!  I’m a rebel!  I fail to follow my own rules!

Yip, I’m a sad case.  I know.

So today I am not going to tell you that the radiation people phoned this afternoon to say that they want to do a “before” scan of Boeta for planning purposes.  I am also not going to tell you that the play therapist and I spoke and agree that there is no way that he is going to lie still for it.  And finally I am not going to tell you that he will probably need to get anaesthetic for the scan on Friday. 

I am going to tell you about the good things.

Boeta is doing so well.  We have our pre-cancer son back this week.  He is raucous, wild and adorable.  And he never stops eating.  I caught him on the loo today eating a bag of chips.  He eats breakfast at our house, then he has breakfast at my parents’ house, then he starts snacking until lunch…  I love every moment of it. 

I am not looking forward to next week and Boeta being sick again.  Please pray that he deals well with the adjustment to being in hospital on a drip again – it is very hard for him to keep still for so long.  According to the doctors the side-effects of the new drug is severe – please pray that Boeta will not have any.  Also please keep Wouter and I in your prayers.  It is hard to see our “healthy” son running around knowing that we are going to take him to be poisoned again.  I know it is for the greater good and all but I would prefer if this whole thing could just end now.

Carien is doing so well.  She is 1y7m and is very busy potty training.  If you saw her in action you will see that she is indeed very busy and not just busy.  This child of ours!  She is very eager to do her thing on the potty but not so eager to do it every single time.  Life awaits!  There are so many other things to do! 

Today she is driving me up the walls.  She is very much a mommy’s girl at the best of times but today you’d think we are siamese.  Oh well, tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Right now I have to try and disentangle myself from Carien’s clutches and start baking Boeta’s birthday cake.  For the 3D effect I will need cake that is a bit on the older side.  “Firm” sounds so much better than 3 days old, don’t you think?


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  1. Skud die hok se tralies, gill, skop en skree. Dit help nie baie nie, maar tog.

    Dink aan jou Vriendin.

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