No surgery!

Yes, there is a connection between Wouter’s silly smile and me not updating the blog yesterday. 

Gerrit (paediatrician) phoned yesterday to say that Dr Sidler, the paediatric surgeon, decided that it wasn’t necessary to operate on Woutertjie.  This is such fabulous news!  Surgery is always a risk and since they were planning on taking biopsies there was a significant risk of bleeding.  Praise God!  We’ve been so blessed throughout this journey. 

So yesterday I was walking around with a silly grin and I spent so much time on the phone that I didn’t get round to blogging.  Of course it didn’t help that I put Carien in bed at 20:00 and she promptly put me in bed too.  It has to be her fault, right? 

I never get a chance to to anything on the computer with the kids around.  Woutertjie wants me to stop everything and let him play internet games (Thomas the Tank Engine) and Carien wants to watch pictures of babies.  And they want to sit on my lap at the same time.  Fun times!

We went for a full blood count today and according to Gerrit the results are good.  He couldn’t give me the exact numbers though – they phoned him with the results and he couldn’t remember the exact counts.  Shame on him.  But Boeta’s counts are good – we can see that from his behaviour too.  He is running, playing and eating, eating, eating.  I love it!

Gerrit also told me today that the medical aid denied parts of Woutertjie’s next treatment.  The expensive parts.  I contacted them and it seems to be an administrative issue between the oncologist & radiologist and Discovery at the moment.  The drug that was denied is the R35 000 per ampoule one that I told you about.  And the radiotherapy is also very expensive.  Please pray that it gets sorted ASAP and that Discovery will pay.

3 Responses

  1. I will pray really hard that they will cover your medical expenses. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to fight with a medical aid on top of everything else too.

    Prayers and thoughts!!!

  2. Prys die Here!!!!
    Dis wonderlike nuus. Ek is so bly hulle hoef nie aan die kabouter te sny nie.
    Is jou partytjie reelings reg vir die naweek? Hoop Wouter kry ‘n groot hap koek!
    Geniet jul daggie tuis en sterkte met die mediesefons.

  3. Dis absolute wonderlike nuus dat julle nie hoef te opereer nie! Ai, ek sal sommer baie hard bid dat DIscovery betaal vir sy behandeling!




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