Fuel for the soul

What a weekend.  I’ve seldom enjoyed a break as much as I did this one.  And there isn’t any 3G reception at Pringle Bay so I even though I tried I couldn’t update the blog.  Did you miss me?

Wouter’s parents are retired and have been living in Pringle Bay for the last 10 years or so.  Their house overlooks the whole of the town-let (it is way too small to be a proper town).  Walking out of the front door you face a very steep downhill to the main road and the beach.  Walking out the back door you stub your toe on mountain rocks.  It is heaven.

If I am lucky Wouter is going to bring me some tea ….. NOW.

Anyway.  Back to business.  Japie (Wouter’s brother) & Zani were there with their two sons.  The boys and Carien had so much fun!  It is the first time all four of them have been together since last year.  Since we live about 20 minutes apart we saw each other a lot more before Woutertjie’s immunity became an issue and they are very close. 

It was so relaxing to spend the weekend with everyone aware of the do-s and don’t-s.  Japie and Zani are both doctors so they understand the immunity, bleeding, etc issues.  Wouter’s parents have been very involved during our journey (Oupa Skippie usually sleeps over with Boeta in hospital) so they too know the rules.  It is a lot easier when we don’t have to explain why certain things are allowed or not allowed.

Wouter and I both had a Moment when we turned into James Street, Pringle Bay on our way there.  It has always signified arriving because it is just a hop and a jump to the house from the turn.  This time we both thought of our Christmas plans and how things turned out so differently.  I kept on hearing myself on the phone telling my mother-in-law that we are a bit delayed but we are sure to leave soon.  Then later telling them that we would leave the next day, on Christmas Eve.  And then calling them with the news.   You know how people talk about your life flashing before your eyes?  I had the last 3 months flashing by.  It was very emotional for me.

The break did Boeta the world of good.  Gerrit told me weeks ago that he thought a part of Boeta’s lack of appetite was depression-linked.  Once again he was right.  As soon as he saw his cousins and started living like a real boy again Boeta started eating everything he could lay his hands on.  I never knew such a tiny body (he is 104cm tall and weighed 19.1kg when diagnosed – he was down to 16.4kg on Thursday) could eat so much!  He had two bowls of ProNutro for breakfast Saturday morning and kept it going for the rest of the weekend.  He had two large bags of chips between breakfast and lunch this morning…  If he didn’t gain weight this weekend I am sueing Simba for false advertising!  He told me a couple of times that he didn’t want certain things because he was scared of it as it was going to make him nauseous.  But he certainly wasn’t scared of NikNaks – he had 3 small packets on our way home.  He didn’t really feel like supper.  Imagine that!  😀

I was so impressed by Dewalt, Boeta’s older cousin (5).  He seemed to know that Boeta shouldn’t be played with too roughly.  Before they loved each other passionately and hated each other cordially.  There were loving shoves, adoring slaps and playful collisions.  This weekend they chased each other and played rough boy-games but all the while Dewalt did the rough things and smoothed the way for Woutertjie.  He went out of his way to protect Boeta.  That child is very special. 

On Saturday morning I told Wouter that I expected an emotional breakdown during the weekend because of all the emotions and thoughts and everything just piling up.  Strangely that never happened.  Instead of falling apart I was simply built up.  The peace and quiet combined with Woutertjie starting to eat without stopping to swallow did wonders.  I feel strong and ready for the coming week.

The coming week the operation to have a look at the origins of the tumours and place radiation markers at those places will take place.  Please pray for wisdom for all the doctors involved.  Any operation is a risk and Boeta needs your prayers.

The day before the operation we will have Boeta’s 4th birthday party.  His birthday is Sunday, 5 April but that will be right after the surgery so we are doing it before.  He has ordered a Mater cake (from the movie Cars) with a tow hook that pulls Lightning McQueen along.  We made him a Mater cake for his 3rd party as well but it is fine with me!  I know how to make a Mater cake!  We are only inviting his two cousins and his two bestest bestest friends, Hanré and Loedolf because of immunity issues.  Next year we are inviting everyone we know! LOL!

I have another computer now so I can start uploading photos.  And while I spent the whole weekend thinking about how things changed, here is a before picture.  It was taken 18 December 2008 with Boeta’s best friend in the world, Hanré.  He was healthy and chubby and doing well.  And he needed a haircut!  Less than a week later he was a cancer patient with, according to the doctors and nurses, less than 5% chance of survival.  They only told me this bit recently and I am eternally grateful for that.With Hanré 18 December 2009 (5 days before diagnosis)

Please join us in prayer, thanking God for keeping our son in His hands.  Thank You God, for healing our ray of sunshine.  Thank You for being our merciful Father.


PS:  Wouter did bring me some tea.  I love you!


3 Responses

  1. So glad you had a chance to gain some strength again. I’ll be sure to keep you in my prayers and thoughts and I just know he will have a wonderful 4th birthday.

    Hugs and prayers!!!!

  2. Amazing wat ‘n change-of-scenary can doen!!! Ek is so bly om te lees hoe gerus en positief jy klink … ek het heel naweek aan julle gedink en gister gesms om te hoor of dit goed gaan, maar ek hoef nie eens te geworrie het nie, want jy het so lekker gekuier.
    Good for you!!

  3. Julle het die blaaskans werklik nodig gehad en so ook die TLC sonder om te hoef te verduidelik. Baie sterkte vir hierdie week en byvoorbaat geluk met Wouter se verjaarsdag. Bid steeds vir julle!

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