We are … 60%?

Turns out I caught Carien’s tummy bug.  No wonder I feel out of sorts.  I don’t get sick a lot and I don’t know how to deal with my body not being 100%. 

In our house the stereotype is reversed.  When Wouter gets sick he becomes the bravest, strongest, understated-est patient ever.  I become sorry for myself.  Go figure!

Wouter nearly had heart failure.  As a joke I told him I think I am pregnant because I felt better after I had dry toast.  We are planning on expanding our family but not now!  His face was so worth it. 

Tomorrow morning Woutertjie is going for a full blood count, followed by a blood transfusion if necessary.  It could turn out to be a long day.  Here is our estimated iteni itine itinn plan for the day.  I pride myself on my vocabulary and spelling skills but that other word that shall not be mentioned I simply can’t get my head around.

7:30  Arrive at hospital and get Woutertjie admitted

8:00 Arrive in the ward

8:30 Blood is sent away

9:30 Results are back

10:00 Blood is ordered from the depot

12:00 Blood arrives

12:30  Transfusion starts

16:30 Transfusion ends

18:30 Post transfusion observations complete

19:00 Paperwork done and we can go home

Based on arriving home at 19:30 that would mean that Wouter will be home before we are. 

I was forced into adding the previous sentence by Hugo, Wouter’s co-worker who read the blog every day.  After yesterday’s “discussion” about Wouter’s work hours Hugo sent me thinly veiled threats if I didn’t mention that Wouter got home at 17:30 today.  I can’t begin to describe how much I appreciated it when the door opened and my bestest, sweetest, funniest, supportive-est husband walked through it. 

Tomorrow I am making an appointment with the oncology social worker to start working my way through my issues.  Wish her luck.


3 Responses

  1. “Itinerary” :-).

    It does sound like a very long day indeed. I hope you feel better soon!

    Hugs, thoughts and prayers!!!

  2. Hi Zani, sterkte met die dag en laat weet!!! xxx

  3. Hey vrou, ek hoop vandag het toe volgens plan verloop, en dat julle darem nou heerlik by die huis is.

    Ek het vandag aan julle gedink!




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