Houston, we have a problem

Carien is sick.  She is vomiting and has fever.  According to Cristina this will most likely lead to diarrhea.  As I told you yesterday Boeta has no, zero, nothing, nada immune cells.  Not the best combination ever…

So until further notice they are being kept apart.  In separate houses.  See-ri-aaaas.  Boeta stays in our house with Wouter and Carien and I will stay with my parents.

Natasha, the night nurse, phoned this morning to cancel our visit to their house tomorrow evening because she has a cold and she knows what Boeta’s counts are.  I’ve been quite cavalier about his low counts because until now he got by without infections and anyway, they would just give him some antibiotics and sort it all out, right?

Natasha reminded me that one can’t give antibiotics for viral infections.  I never even thought of viruses.  In my happy world only antibiotic succeptable bacteria posed any threat.  The viruses went on a long holiday to warmer climates.  And this is me, who spent very many years working on viruses…  No comment, please.

We’ve been so blessed until now.  Woutertjie’s counts have been extremely low previously but he always managed to side step infections.  OK, we never take him anywhere near lots of people but we don’t make our parents and siblings wear masks when they visit.  We try not to let anyone get near him when his counts are low but I’m definately not in full sterility mode like at work.

Cristina suspects that the turning point for his counts are still a couple of days off.  Like she says, if he could have negative counts he would have!  So this is literally a life threatening situation we find ourselves in.  Please pray that Carien will get better soon and that Woutertjie won’t catch any bugs!


3 Responses

  1. Yes, antibiotics don’t work for virusses although they will often give antibiotics as a precaution in case something bacterial is also lurking. Once Bianca was in hospital for 34 days with an unknown viral infection and all we could do was to sit and wait for counts to recover and fevers to go away and for her to maintain oxygen. Not fun at all!

    So I will pray very very hard that Carien will get better really soon, and that those counts go up soon too!

  2. I really hope that Wouter doesn’t catch the bug!

  3. Sending you all our bestest happy thoughts and prayers. I really hope that it all blows over very quickly with no germs heading the way of your very brave son.
    I know if I was in your boat, I too would be in denial about viruses too 🙂
    Get better soon Carien, stay well Mum, Dad and Woutertjie!

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