When the cure is worse than the disease

Yesterday I went to our GP to find out if I should get a tetanus vaccination. To her credit, she didn’t laugh too loudly when I explained how I managed to do to myself what I did to myself. And then she agreed that I needed the jab. 

Have you received a tetanus shot?  The doctor told me that it would be a sore, burning injection and that my arm would be sore for at least two days.  What she failed to mention is that it would get progressively worse as time goes by.  When the injection stung a bit, but only a bit, I thought that everyone was exaggerating and that I was going to be different.  I am not different.  My arm is excrutiatingly sore!  Most likely this means that I didn’t need the vaccination as my immune response to the tetanus antigen is very good.  My brother-in-law reminded me of this but that didn’t endear him to me.  He should’ve felt sorry for me.  Yes, I am a drama queen.

Back to our GP.  She was my mom’s GP of choice and so I started going to her too.  Her maiden name was Odendal and my mom called her “Odendaltjie” because (1) it is a term of endearment and she is barely older than I am so she qualifies to be endeared by my mom and (2) my mom is from the generation that doesn’t call doctors by their names.  When Odendaltjie got married her name promptly changed to De Bruintjie.  I call her by her name but it is more fun (and my family knows who I’m talking about) when I refer to her as De Bruintjie.

My family isn’t very big on names.  I suspect that if there weren’t as many family names available (all 4 of us have family names) we would’ve been called Child 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Wouter loves telling the story about our family cats.  Originally we had 2 cats.  One ginger and one white.  Their names were White Cat and Ginger Cat.  Some years later we got another cat.  Since the first two weren’t around anymore his name was Cat.  Cat went on to have kittens (turns out he wasn’t a he after all).  The kittens were name This Kitten, The Other Kitten and Another Kitten.  My folks kept one of them and because he was a tortoise shell he was known as Bontkat (literally colourful cat) while Cat’s name changed to Mommy Cat.  Mommy Cat disappeared aged 117 or something like that.  Meanwhile Bontkat proved that he also wasn’t a he and had kittens.  We currently have one of Bontkat’s children, named Cat. 

So De Bruintjie should be grateful that she has a name at all!

Tonight Wouter and I went to church together for the first time since Woutertjie was diagnosed.  We really needed it.  We are both very stressed about the upcoming scans.  We really, really, really need the tumour out of his heart.  Please pray with us.  And of course what we would like most would be if there was no tumour to be found at all.  God is the Great Healer and it is perfectly within His power.

In a way it is easier on us to not know the date and time of the scan already so we can’t fixate on it.  God knows what is best for His children.  Please pray that He will heal our son completely.

Woutertjie is doing well but is still not eating.  At least he nibbled today and had a bit to drink.  His best friend’s parents dropped his party pack off (of the party he couldn’t attend) and he made quite a dent in that!  He managed to drive Carien to tantrums twice today so I think he is feeling well.

PS:  Currently Bontkat is called Mommy Cat.


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