Day 5 of 5 (take 2)

Today I’m starting off with Woutertjie news.  He is nauseous but OK.  He doesn’t want to eat or drink anything except a bit of cheese curls and milk.  He wants to cuddle the whole day long.  Guess what is my favourite part of today?

This morning Gerrit told us that his scan will only be on Friday next week because that is the day that anaesthetic-scans are done here.  Upon seeing Woutertjie’s full blood count (Hb 9.2 / platelets 355 / white cells 1.7 / neutrophils 1.45) he tried to get it earlier and managed to arrange for Thursday.  Cristina took one look at the results and vetoed that idea.  There is no way that his counts will hold until the end of next week and they refuse to give anaesthetic with abnormal FBC results.

So at the moment we don’t know when the scan will be.  It will be as soon as Cristina can arrange it but that is all that I can say.  Since today is Friday and she only saw the results this afternoon, nothing can be finalised until Monday.  I will let you know what I know as soon as I find out.  You can count on that.

Boeta’s best friend is having his 4th birthday party tomorrow.  This is why the FBC was done today.  I asked Gerrit if Boeta could attend the party and he humoured me and asked for a FBC.  I think he just wanted to laugh at me but he kept his pose and instead laughed when telling the story to Cristina.  So officially there is no way that Boeta is going anywhere this weekend or week.  My heart is breaking for my baby boy but at least we didn’t raise his expectations so he doesn’t realise that he is missing the party.

My foot is sore and swollen but OK.  Of course the one nurse had to remind me today that it might be a good idea to get a tetanus (locked-jaw) vaccination since this is after all a hospital and all sorts of bugs are around.  Thanks Natasha.  Now I am freaked out. 

They had to measure the wound on my foot for the incident report.  It is quite a wide scrape / cut and 4cm long.  Poor me.

I heard today that Jayden is doing OK but is still in ICU.  Please keep on praying for him and his parents.


4 Responses

  1. Hey Suzanne, ek is bly die week is verby. Ek is seker jy ook. Nou is dit die week van wag, voor julle gaan vir die scan.

    Ek hoop julle kon vandag huis toe gaan en dat julle bietjie kan ontspan voor die scans die week.

    Ek sal sommer ekstra gebedjies vir julle opse hierdie week!


  2. The fall sounded so painful! I’m so glad that your week is over. And I will keep you in my thoughts and say special prayers for the upcoming scans.

    I know it is hard when their levels are too low to do some things, but before you know it you will get back to normal again!

    Hugs to you all.

  3. Hi my friend.. all the best for the week ahead!

    Huge hug

  4. Hi bokkie
    Ek dink vreeslik aan jou/julle vandag. Ek weet die wag vir die scan is vreeslik, maar hou jou besig – als sal uitwerk soos dit moet uitwerk!! As iets te erg raak, laat jy my weet – ek kom dadelik…en jy weet ek bedoel dit!
    Geniet jou dag en rus daai arm en voet – wel, jou hele lyfie!!!

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