Self-mutilation is so overrated

If you know me, you know that my motto in life is “no pain, no pain”.  I don’t hurt easily and I tend to suck it up and get on with it.  But sometimes the pain is beyond sucking up and I crumble into a heap and try not to cry too loudly.

This afternoon Boeta messed on the floor, I cleaned it and while I was wiping the floor he started getting nauseous.  So I rushed to where the bowl was and on the way back slipped on the wet patch on the floor.  Do you know what the underside of a hospital bed looks like?  It has ground clearance of about 20cm and then it has all kinds of metal protrusions for moving up and down and everywhere else. 

I slipped, my feet slid under the bed followed by the rest of me.  For better or worse there is no way that all of me would fit into a 20cm space.  That means that I ended up with my legs wedged under the bed but still holding the bowl for Boeta.  Hey, I’m a mom.  That’s what we do.

In my high speed assault on solid steel I managed to bruise my butt, both knees, both shins (repeatedly), the tops of my feet from toes to ankles and my ego.  Oh, and I have a nasty cut on the top of my left foot.  I am sore.

And now I am stiffening up so I don’t really know how I am going to be able to walk tomorrow…

After a whole post about me, maybe I should move on and tell you about other people too.  Like about Boeta.  He is doing well but the nausea is getting to him.  At least tomorrow is his last day and then we can go home on Saturday.

The dietician came by today.  My oh my.  I am impressed.  She asked what he liked and made recommendations on how to trick him into eating better.  Like adding powdered milk to his milk.  He doesn’t like flavoured milk anymore and by adding milk powder to normal milk the energy content will increase while leaving the taste normal.  Brilliant!  She also spoke to the kitchen manager who came by and from now on will provide Boeta with whatever he wants to have.  No more ordering off the hospital menu. He can have whatever.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Please keep a friend of mine’s baby in your prayers.  He was born yesterday and suffered lung damage as he was born with pneumonia (I never even knew that could happen).  He is in ICU and battling.  He is currently heavily sedated and connected to all kinds of tubes and wires.  Please pray for Jayden and his parents, that he will get better soon and that they can finally hold their son in their arms.


6 Responses

  1. Sounds like you have the food thing sorted now! Hope he likes the powder… knowing my kids they’d taste it a mile away!
    Thinking of Mel and Jayden constantly

  2. Hello, ek volg jou blog nou al ‘n rukkie en julle is in my gebede. Dit klink of jy rerig bietjie seer gekry het, maar jy klink sterk, ek dink ek sou begin huil het op die spot!
    My seuntjie is ook met die Pneumonie gebore en was ernstig siek in ICU vir 13 dae, maar hy het deurgedruk. Die kleintjies is so sterk en hulle het ‘n wil om te lewe. Sê vir jou vriende hulle moet net vasbyt en bid als sal regkom. My seuntjie is nou 1 jaar oud en verskriklik besig….

  3. Shame Zani, ek kan net imagine hoe seer dit was. Ek val gereeld. . . . soos by die werk se trappe af. Anyway, vra die hospitaal tannies vir ‘n salfie en ‘n pleister. Dit werk apparently MAGIC op enige seerplek…vra vir Boeta en Carien. 🙂

  4. ‘n Mens kan jou ook nie alleen los nie…ek kom kuier en als lyk ok met jou en nou moet ek op die blog hoor, jy het jouself amper afgeskryf!!! Ek hoop die styfheid verdwyn gou. Wees net rustig (as jy kan) vir die volgende dag of twee.
    Dink aan jou!

  5. Die pyn, die skok en die verlies aan waardigheid. En waarlik, die grootste hiervan is die verlies aan waardigheid.

    tsk, tsk, jy het my simpatie.

  6. Eina pyn vrou! Ek hoop darem jy kan vandag beweeg na die val.

    Woohoooo!!! Kan jy glo vandag is dag 5? Ek hoop teen nou al is vandag se chemo ook al amper klaar. En dat hy more kan huistoe gaan.


    Ai my hart is soooo seer vir Mel en Jayden. Ek bid al omtrent die hele week vir hulle!

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