Day 3 of 5 (take 2)

Yes, I didn’t update yesterday.  I decided to be not-dependable and rebelious.  Actually I couldn’t think of anything interesting to post.  But of course I will never admit to that.  So please indulge me and think that I was a rebel.

I’ve always wanted to be a rebel but I’ve never been able to switch of my inborn sense of responsibility for long enough to do it properly.  Like Tif once said, before I do something irresponsible I first check that

1.  it isn’t unlawful

2.  no one will get hurt

3.  no one will know

4.  emergency backup plans are created

5.  if #1 -3 fail, there will not be unacceptable consequences.

Only once all 5 criteria have been met do I go through with my rebellion, feeling wild and spontaneous.  Yeah, I’m a sad case.

Boeta is doing very well although the chemo nausea is getting to him.  It seems that the side-effects are cumulative.  After every chemo they happen faster and more severe.  His blood counts go lower for longer, the nausea sets in earlier and yet none of that is enough to keep him down. 

For some reason, when we are at home he prefers proper food but as soon as we get to hospital he refuses food and demands only junk.  And biltong.  So tomorrow the dietitian is coming to see us.  I really don’t know what she is going to do to help.  There is a big difference between knowing what he should get and getting it into him.  I know that chips and chocolate and biltong is not a balanced diet.  Not even when he tops it off with cream soda (hey it should count as greens).  But if it is all I can get him to eat, what am I supposed to do?  So I will wait for her, I will listen to what she has to say and I will definately ask her how she wants me to get him to eat something he doesn’t want to eat.  I will keep you posted.

Boeta is doing very well considering that he started the day by vomiting all over his bed.  The anti-nausea medicine is doing its job and he is currenly playing Emily-rescues-Thomas with his trainset.  He has such a train infatuation at the moment!  If it was me I would be lying in bed pitying myself but he has too many stories to play.  We even practiced writing his name this morning.  He already knows some letters and I decided that I may as well start teaching him more.  He lost interest after 5 minutes but we’ll try again tomorrow.


7 Responses

  1. Yes, the eating – we’ve had many a headache and went through a stage where the only thing I could get her to eat was junk food and ProNutro and so we stuck with ProNutro. She did have a nose tube 4 different times, but thankfully it didn’t last too long before they decided it could stay out.

    The good thing is he is eating proper food at home? So personally I wouldn’t worry too much as long as he hasn’t lost too much weight.

    What worked for us:

    Every so often when we were in hospital I would bring a picnic and we would have that on Bianca’s bed and I would make little sandwiches, little sausages, fruit that I know she would eat and so on and I would put everything on plates and let her choose what she wants and she always liked that.

    ProNutro (so who cares if you eat breakfast at supper time?)

    And right now letting her choose something she needs to try (although we’ve been slacking off a little bit with that now that we are busy moving).

    Bianca doesn’t like the hospital food and I can never get her to eat what they serve, so I always bring along a bread and ProNutro and so on as back-up.

    Almost time for you to go home again and I will pray that the counts will recover quickly!

    Hugs and prayers

  2. Hopelik is die dieetkundige ook ‘n mamma wat verstaan dat ‘n bloedjie van 4 jaar sy eie wil het, en come hell or high water, as hy wil biltong eet, dan sal hy biltong eet.

    In elk geval, vir my is dit ‘n geval van pick your battles. Hy is al klaar besig om so ‘n groot fight te fight, hoekom nou nog baklei oor kos?

    Soos Lea sê, hy eet ordentlik by die huis. Wie sal nou wil hospitaal kos eet as hy kan biltong eet?

    Sterkte met die oorblywende twee dae. Ek dink baie aan julle, en bid ook verskriklik baie vir julle!!!!


  3. REBEL REBEL REBEL (Ha-ha) Suzanne, jou humorsin is so aansteeklik en ‘n ongelooflike copingstrategie. Ek het vandag oor jou geskinder by ‘n kollega en vir haar vertel van die wyse waarop julle HOOP ‘n werkwoord maak deur elke dag te doen dit gedoen moet word. Julle is werklik ‘n inspirasie! Sterkte vir 4 en 5 van 5!

  4. Ek dink die piekniek idee is uitstekend. Verder … wel ek weet hy moet die regte goed inkry om sy kragte op te hou, maar deksels, as ek so siek was soos hy sou ek geëet het presies net wat ek wou. Ok, so ek doen dit in elkgeval, maar dis nie die punt nie.

    Wat van skommels – iets soos Shape se vanilla. Die label sê dit het hordes vitamienes, minerale en whathaveyous in en dis lekker in melk. Foeter roomys in as nodig.


  5. Haha, kan jy enigsins meer skepties klink oor die dietician? Funny! Maar ek verstaan jou punt….. Ek was gister gou by ma’le en al wat Carientjie wou doen was “honey honey”. So oulik! Ek sal probeer om voor die naweek ‘n draai te kom maak by die hospitaal.

    En moenie worry nie… ek’s genoeg rebel vir ons albei. xxx

  6. i would let boeta eat whatever he wants to. i have been that naar despite ondensatron – i would have eaten fishpaste covered strawberries if i thought it would stay down.

    Lots of love

  7. Hi Suzanne,
    Reading over your recent entries – first of all, Oh Rebellious Bouncy One – on the odd occasion that you are simply feeling too tired to even pray – just remember that it is absolutely okay simply to share with God your truth that you are Really Tired – He is big enough to take it, and it does help.
    Secondly, I think it is probably very clever of Wouterjie to keep the type of food he eats at hospital separate from what he eats at home – so that when he is at home he doesn’t have to be reminded of hospital. And anyway – when we are in hospital, don’t we all long for that comfort “junk” food?! Particularly when we feel nauseous and everything tastes funny! Perhaps slip some vitamins into the junk food? I’ll see if I can think of any novelty foods for toddlers.
    It does spring to mind that as a toddler, our eldest son hated vegetables but ate them eagerly when they were presented as stir-fry (very little fat – mostly steamed) and fed to him with chop-sticks so that he could eat his food “like chinese children”.
    Lots of love and prayers. Let me know if there is anything I can help out with.

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