Day 1 of 5 (take 2)

Yes, it is the first day of 5 of the last treatment of the second block of chemo.  That was quite a complex sentence.  Never mind. We are in hospital and will be until Saturday morning.  Ta-da.  As easy as that.

Boeta is doing very well.  He tends to forget about the drip lines (3 at a time) that are constantly connected to him but that is par for the course for the first day back.  By tomorrow he will treat it like a second-and-a-half set of arms.

Gerrit (paed) told me today that if he saw Woutertjie today for the first time he wouldn’t have been able to diagnose cancer.  The abdominal tumour has shrunk so much that he can’t feel it.  Do you have any idea how much I needed to hear that going in to next week? 

I really love that man so much.  Someone (who is going to confess????) told him about my moment last week and he very gently asked me about how I’m doing now.  He is such an inspiration.  Even though he is renowned as an excellent paediatrician he is such a humble man with such a tangible love for our Lord.  He is so optimistic that one can’t help but join him!

On Friday I said that I was having trouble praying;  that God felt so far away.  Have you experienced those times where you feel as if you are praying into the ceiling?  You are talking to yourself and your words fall down around your feet?  Someone told me this week to stop complaining – my words stayed close to me because that is where Jesus was.  So next time you feel as if you can’t get your words to reach God, look around.  He is standing next to you.  In fact, he is holding you in his arms.


Tonight I heard that someone very dear to me is pregnant.  To the two of them:  Congratulations!  May God bless and keep you and your baby.  May that little dot grow and thrive and be the healthiest baby ever.  You will be excellent parents! 

Oh.  And may the morning sickness pass quickly! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. So glad you are all settled and wow! what great news that he said it shrunk so much based on what he felt! Hang in there, one more day closer to that last day of treatment!

    And what a cool way to think about it when you feel as if your prayers aren’t going anywhere!

    Hugs and prayers as always!!!

  2. Ek kan jou net sê ek dink ongelooflik baie aan julle. Gisteraand het ek en Anzé weer na haar album sit en kyk. Daar is ‘n foto waar sy en Carien op die wipmat spring tydens laas jaar se Hasie Kalbassie afskeid.

    Ek stem saam met Lea White. Dit is ‘n absolute ongelooflike manier om te dink. Elke mens voel een of ander tyd asof jou gebede nie hoër as die plafon gaan nie. Ek bewonder jou dat jy deur alles nog die krag het om so gereeld op die blog te skryf en ons so almal op hoogte te hou. Ek hoop dat dit vir jou terapeuties is. Jy het die vermoë om woorde op ‘n ongelooflike manier in te span. Dit lyk of jy dit geniet om te skryf.

    Ek stuur ‘n ekstra spesiale gebedjie vir Woutertjie op vir hierdie week se behandeling en hou styf duim vas vir baie positiewe uitslae volgende week.

  3. En so gebeur die wonderwerke een na die ander. Dit is absoluut net ‘n teken dat ons Hemelse Vader wel luister.

    DIt is absoluut wonderlike nuus van die gewas wat soveel kleiner is! Ek het sommer trane in my oe gekry toe ek dit lees.

    Ek dink aan julle! En sterkte vrou! ((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))

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