Pick up that phone!

It is strange how I constantly receive the phone call I need when I least expect it.  This afternoon my sister-in-law phoned to chat.  We were discussing my meltdown and I was telling her how I’ve been off-ish for a while but then on Friday everything just worked towards me loosing it.

And from somewhere the idea struck me that this was the best possible time to have a bit of a moment.  Next week Boeta will spend the whole week in hospital on a drip, being irritable.  The week after is re-assessment and the week after that, God willing, is surgery week.  I certainly won’t have time in the coming 3 weeks to collapse.

So once again God has worked in mysterious and absolutely perfect ways.  On Friday it was the combination of Woutertjie crying about his injections, sister Stoltenkamp being motherly to me, Woutertjie telling me that he was tired and the oncologist spending lots of time chatting that did me in.  Since yesterday Boeta has been complaining about the injections and he does cry when receiving it but not the soul-destroying screaming of the first 3 days.  And it was the middle of a heat wave in Cape Town and his Hb levels are low.  I think he deserves to prefer to be carried! 

It is now after 22:00 and I haven’t started packing for the week in hospital.  Piling 6 sets of clothes into a bag is easy.  Packing the right toys and DVDs is a challenge!  Boeta doesn’t really participate in the packing.  I prefer it like that because he is a hoarder.  In a big way.  Let to his own devices he would pack his bicycle too.  So toodeloo, I’m off to go second guess an almost-4-year-old.  Wish me luck!


4 Responses

  1. Hope you got all the toys he needs in the bag. Good luck for this week.

  2. Good luck with the packing. It is always challenging to know exactly what to pack to keep them entertained in hospital!

    Hope it goes well!

  3. Suzanne, baie sterkte vir die week. Mag Woutertjie dit nie te irriterend ervaar nie! Laat weet as ek met enige iets kan help – al is dit net om ‘n draairoomys hospitaal toe te bring of ‘n tydskrif vir jou.
    Ons volhard met gebed en vertrou dat volgende week se toetse almal se asems sal weg slaan – dat Woutertjie se hart silwerskoon gaan wees!
    ALLES is in God se helende hande.

  4. Ek dink so vreeslik vreeslik baie aan jou!

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