On sucking it up

So after a very emotional 24 hours of feeling very sorry for myself I am back.  Meaning I am back. 

I don’t feel comfortable feeling sorry for myself even though I do it very well (if I have to say that myself).  By nature (and by drama queen personality) I am more of an optimist.  And after all, pessimism and drama queening don’t mix and I am above all a drama queen.

So as of now, until my next meltdown, I am back and “making normal”.

Today was a good day.  My middle and baby sisters were both here today.  It really made Carien’s day because she is infatuated with my baby sister and my middle sister’s son, Adriaan.  He is 3 months younger than she is and she adores him.  She calls him Ada and puts up quite a scene when she wants him here now and he isn’t.  Someone needs to explain to her that he lives about 100km from here on the other side of the mountain.

It was the CANSA shavathon and we had a family outing to shave or spray.  My mom (who wouldn’t know what to do with a facebook account even if she had one), Chrismari (aka Tiesies), Carien, Adriaan and I had our hair sprayed.  Berno (Lielie’s husband) had a shave and a spray.  Lielie was at a proper hair appointment when we took the plunge.  Chicken! LOL!

Wouter is already shaving his hair in solidarity with Boeta so he had a scalp spray and I wrote “CAN” on the back of his head.  Do you remember the ad with the tagline “cancer can be beaten” with the guy with “can” shaved into his hair?  Wouter did the hairless impression of that. 

My favourite bit of the day was when Tiesies and I decided that Berno couldn’t have a uniform shave.  Oh no.  We helped to shave his hair and gave him a mohawk.  He is soooo not the mohawk type.  Especially not the pink mohawk with green back-and-sides type.  He was such a good sport even though he knew that Lielie would have a moment. 

Lielie has lots of moments.  Compared to her I don’t qualify for drama princess or even drama lady-in-waiting.  She can out-drama me any day.  And added to that Lielie is very gullible.  So when Berno told her that he will keep his mohawk she believed him.  Because that is what Lielie does.  We love her.

She will probably flap her hands at me for telling this story but I can’t resist.  A while ago they went on holiday and Lielie was going to fly for the first time ever.  She was very excited about it.  The morning of the flight she phoned me with that tone in her voice.  The tone that says that she just heard something that simply can’t be true, can it?

Berno told her that in order to plan for the flight not only your baggage, but you yourself are weighed.  In public.  For everyone to see.  Compulsory, because after all, they need to know how heavy the plane is going to be.  Me being me, I did not disillusion her and tried to explain that she can angle her body to be in front of the scale readout so that only some people will be able to see.  Lielie very nearly called off the trip.  She got soooo worked up!  It was fun.  And because we love her we only let her steam for an hour or two before telling the truth.  We really do love her.

We are doing well today.  Boeta is still in isolation but strangely it bothers him less than Carien.  She gets very aggro after a day at home and demands to go to my parents during the day.  Oh the rejection!  Of course my parents are very chuffed.

So that was today.  Will let you know how tomorrow goes.  Boeta got his booster today (Wouter and Tiesies took him) and will get another tomorrow and then on Monday we will start with chemo again.  Provided that his cell counts are high enough so you know what we need – start praying.  We don’t want to delay chemo.

And in case you are wondering, the start day is Monday because it is a 5 day course and it is difficult to get the chemo mixed over the weekend. 

Wouter’s parents have already planned their week so that his father can sleep over at the hospital.  I wanted to put their facebook link up but they don’t have any pictures loaded so that you can see what they look like.  Skimp, skimp, ma!

See, I really am sucking it up and I’m feeling so much better than yesterday.  Thank you for commenting, praying and being there for us.


3 Responses

  1. you are so brave, your ability to bounce back is so amazing. See God gave you the personality you would need to get through this

  2. Sounds like it was a good outing for the family.
    I sprayed my hair too… and Bradley. Photos will be up tomorrow, with a link to your blog 😉

  3. Sterkte vir more en die daaropvolgende paar dae. Onthou, ek is net ‘n oproep ver!!!


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