Money, money, money

The children are watching Mamma Mia and I started thinking about money or the lack of it.

The hospital and doctor’s bills for Woutertjie’s hospitalisation and treatment are more than R150 000 already.  We are in the 9th week of the 56 week treatment schedule.  You do the math.

From week 13 he will start with a different type of chemo.  It is new, it is state-of-the-art and it costs R35 000 per ampoule. 

Hospitalisation costs more than R2 000 per night.  This does not include the medicines they use, the twice daily doctors’ visits or scans etc.

We are in the wonderfully priviledged position that we are on Discovery’s super-dee-dooper plan.  We used to be on a much cheaper hospital plan but through a complicated set of circumstances ended up on the Classic Comprehensive, costing us in excess of R5 000 per month.  Until now Discovery has covered most of the expenses.  We had to pick up a R2.10 or R5.78 here and there but that is it. 

I was on leave when Woutertjie was diagnosed and never went back to work.  At the moment I still receive my salary but from the end of April I will be on unpaid leave and that will make things interesting…  We are after all a dual income family.  We refuse to worry about it.  God has been so immensely good to us up to now that I can’t image that He will let us go now.  So for now I am a full time mom and nurse and when we plan for one day at hospital and it turns into two (or 10!) I don’t have to think about dealing with a boss and work that is piling up.

Today I heard of another almost-4-year old boy with cancer.  Unlike ours, their medical aid has a limit on oncology.  And a ridiculously low one at that.  So both parents have to work to pay for treatment. 

Did you know that government hospitals charge medical aid rates if you are on medical aid?  So basically you pay private money for state care.  In other words, rather go for private care until your medical aid runs out because that way you’ll at least get proper care for a while.

My heart is breaking for this boy and his family and for all the other children and adults and families out there who doesn’t  have the luxury we have.  This journey is tough enough if you do it in comfort.  No one should have to worry about money while fighting this.  And no mother should have to work while your child needs you.

No one.


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  1. When Bianca was diagnosed there was no question about it, I had to stop my plans to go back to work. Good thing too, because our weekly appointments took all my time and then we had around 3 weeks where Caitlyn had to stop daycare (before finally taking her out permanently) because of one of the other kids picking up chickenpox. We’ve had so many days in hospital – if I had to work, I don’t know how we would have coped if we both worked.

    God carried us too, because in this time we had to employ an Au Pair, Terence remained a contractor when his boss actually wanted him to go permanent and so he managed to earn a bit more, they organised that Terence could work from home or hospital and somehow we’ve always made it financially even though if I think back now, I have no idea how. So I fully agree that God will be with you, and carry you through.

    I was totally shocked to read how much your treatment is costing already. I have no idea how much ours must be as ours is covered by the Ministry of Health here, but I think it will be really pricey – if it is R2,000 per night in hospital then ours would be sitting at R232,000 for hospital stays alone! That is mind-boggling – I think our house that we bought when we were still in SA was a bit more than that amount!!!

  2. Money is a nightmare. I’m so, so glad that you’re on a good Discovery plan, and really feel so sad for the family that doesn’t have full coverage 😦 It must be so daunting and just seems so very unfair 😦 😦


  3. Money should be the last thing a parent should have to worry about in those circumstances. Glad you are relatively ok though.

    Let me know when he is out of isolation and we can get together for a cup of coffee

  4. Hiya

    Is there an account set up where one can donate if one wanted to?


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