Change of plans

We may stay in hospital a teeny tiny bit longer than expected. 

Normal Hb (haemoglobin – the oxygen carrying molecule in red blood cells) is around 13.  Below 12 your are not allowed to donate blood.  By 9 most people are feeling horrible.

Woutertjie is playing, chatting, jumped on the trampoline this weekend and ran all of us ragged with an Hb count of 6.6 …

The lab phoned the ward to report this exceptionally low value as soon as they got the result.  They are still finishing up the rest of the full blood count.

If I was Woutertjie I would start to feel very left out of the loop.  No one ever tells him anything.  Certainly no one told him to feel tired, yucky and generally horrible so he is white as a sheet but going strong.

Woutertjie was playing “I fell” when Sister Stoltenkamp (the senior nurse around here) brought the news.  “I fell” means that he swoons melodramatically and lies on the floor.  Someone (mommy) then needs to say “You fell!  I think I should tickle you until you get up again.”  So he was lying flat on his back, when Sr Alta walked in.  She was amazed at how flat his tummy is.  Where it was bulging before chemo started it is now concave.  It does my heart good to see how excited she is about this.  She has seen her share of sick children and she thinks he is doing very well.  I can live with that.

I will let you know when I know if Boeta is getting a blood transfusion.


3 Responses

  1. It’s amazing how they can keep going with such low HB isn’t it? Catherine has had very low HB a lot and quite a few blood transfusions as this is a standard part of her treatment. If you think Boeta is active now, you will be amazed at what happens after the blood transfusion – Catherine usually needs a run round in the park after hers!

  2. My goodness!!! How strong is this little boy!!! We all know he is a real “bulletjie” but being so active when his counts are so low, is just unbelievable. Keep up the good-feeling mood, Woutertjie!

  3. Ek is saam met julle bly en vol hoop! Ek is altyd so verstom oor hoe “resilient” sulke klein mensies kan wees. Julle is steeds in my gedagtes en gebede!

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