Computer woes

About 6 months ago Wouter got a new laptop.  He had to get a new one because the old one suddenly developed a dead strip at the top of the screen (the top 2cm is blank) and a freaky tendency for the screen to suddenly flap backwards.  It has been postulated (by me) that the blank bit may be as a result of too many backflips but Wouter gave me The Look so my postulation and I took a hike.

Computers must be the only area in life where Wouter can multitask.  I know that I am heavy on memory and has too many files open at one time but Wouter makes me look like an amateur.  So no surprise, he is constantly fighthing with his laptop.

After using the new laptop for a week or two Wouter decided that it was way too slow.  I mean, seriously, the thing took 15 microseconds to open a file.  And there were only 54 files open already.  Ridiculous.

This time however, he shocked me to silence when he had the brand new laptop pimped a bit.  It now sports 3 or 4 or 15 times the RAM that it was born with.  This thing is seriously fast.  There is a pressure wing on the screen and a pair of dice hanging from the USB jack…  Yes, we are talking see-ri-ass speed here.  Wouter looooves his new laptop.  Personally I am a bit freaked out.  No computer should be faster than I am.  It makes me feel stoooopid.

Fortunately I inherited the old laptop and it makes me feel like a blooming genius.  It is slow.  It needs to be at a certain angle in our house for it to get a proper internet connection.  The USB port can charge my cellphone but not connect to it.  Actually it can’t connect to anything, which is why I never post pictures – I can’t get them on to the computer. 

Last week Wouter loaded a more recent version of Office on my computer than the one it was running until now.  That was not the brightest idea ever.  Since then the computer has developed the digital version of epilepsy.  I’ll be happily prodding it along and then it suddenly goes mad, with the images on the screen jumping around for a while and then just as suddenly settling again.  Or not. 

So I am officially fed up with trying to deal with my computer’s issues.  I have enough of my own, thank you very much.  It took me 30 minutes to get the computer stabilised to write this update…

So to get to the update.  We are doing very well.  I am less tired than I was last week (the blood tests showed that is was indeed all in my head :-)) and Woutertjie is very excited about going to hospital tomorrow.  We should be out again by tomorrow afternoon.  Woutertjie seems exceptionally pale to me so I won’t be surprised if his Hb (heamoglobin) is low enough to warrant a blood transfusion.  But I thought that many times until now and every time the bloods came back OK.  So let’s wait and see!  I will update in hospital tomorrow when I know what is potting.

See you soon!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck Zani! Laat weet hoe dit gaan. xxx

  2. Goeie more!
    Baie sterkte vir vandag! Mag jul dag sonder enige ernsige obstruksies wees.
    Volhard in gebed!

  3. Krag en genade vir julle.

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