Today is the 1st of March

Re-staging is scheduled for the week of 17 March.  Technically that week starts in 2 weeks’ time.  Two more rounds of chemo and then we find out what the chemo has been doing to Boeta’s krokkenoster.

People have been telling me that it is actually the week of the 16th of March since the 16th is a Monday.  Yes, in the normal outside world the week starts with a Sunday or a Monday, depending on your preference.  In our lives it starts on Tuesdays.  Chemo days.  Everything revolves around chemo days. 

Either way, in 2 weeks’ time it is time for ECHOs and CTs and all the other tests and scans again.  I am looking forward to it and petrified of it at the same time.  So typically I am reverting to my good friend Denial for help.  We have been very busy doing everything except thinking about the scans.  I love Denial.  She doesn’t ask questions.

Today is also Sunday and I’ve been meaning for a whole week now to share last Sunday’s church message with you.  Tielman was talking about walking on water, discussing how Peter had to get out of the boat and walk towards Jesus.  A number of the issues he brought up hit home for me.

Jesus didn’t promise that the sea would be calm once Peter put his foot on the water.  In fact, the sea was so rough that Peter lost his nerve and sank.  In the same way we shouldn’t expect that life should be easy just because we follow the Lord.  The ups and downs will happen but we have to trust God throughout.

Putting your foot on the water means leaving your comfort zone.  Obviously we as humans feel more comfortable in a boat than on the water.  But we have to take the step and get out of what is normal and comfortable for us in order to get closer to Jesus.

While Peter was on the water he looked back at the disciples on the boat.  In the same way, once you are on the water you will see people who haven’t yet taken the step onto the water.  But being a water-walker doesn’t make you superior.  You were one of them after all, until God called you.  All you can do is be thankful that God is holding you up above water.

May this week find you clinging to God’s hand.


4 Responses

  1. Wow, can’t believe how fast time is flying (although at times I am sure it probably feels to you as if time stands still for you).

    As always thinking of you guys and praying!

  2. Hi Zani,

    Luv you. Faith. Faith. Faith. Dis maar al wat ek kan se. 🙂 xxx

  3. Skoonsus ek het 2 sulke groot A4 foto’s van jou kinders hier teen my kantoor muur, so almal wat hier inloop oe en a net oor wie se mooi kinders dit is, ongelukkig kan ek nie sê hulle is myne nie, maar ek vat die credit dat hulle darem id familie is. Dink aan julle en wil net sê dat my ouma (87) elke oggend vir boeta bid en sy stuur vir julle ook baie liefde. x

  4. hi suz, wow, God praat met almal van ons deur dit wat jy elke dag met ons deel. Wouter en die hele situasie het my lewe geweldig aangeraak, en ek dink waar jou verhouding nou met ons Hemelse Vader is, beny baie mense jou voor, want dit is ongelooflik kosbaar en jy inspireer my so baie. Baie lief vir julle almal! Ek bel jou bietjie later!
    tonne liefde

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