Ons wikkel!

(Today’s update I have to do partially in Afrikaans because it is all about Woutertjie-isms.  About how he twists the poor language to fit his meanings.)

This child of mine!  He seems to have a thing for languages.  Without us ever teaching him any of it he can hold a basic conversation in English.  With a horrible Afrikaans-American accent (I blame Pixar) and with some words that are mangled beyond the understanding of non-family members but he doesn’t let that stop him!

For me the funniest bit is how his whole body joins the conversation.  Instead of just asking “where is my train?” he swings his arms, raises them in surrender and holds his hands out to indicate the severity of the calamity.  And seeing as he can’t say the letter “r” in conjunction with other letters (he can do it on it’s own) it sounds like “whe-hoo is my chain”.  It is a source of continual amusement for me.  Any speculation about my intelligence (small things and all that) is firmly discouraged.

When he was in hospital for chemo a while ago he woke up after his afternoon nap and was cold and shivered.  So he told me, in a very concerned voice: “mamma, ek wikkel!”.  Now whenever he feels cold he does this very staged whole-body shiver, fists tightly shut, arms drawn up, jaw clenched, telling everyone in hearing range and (given his inability to be quiet) a lot of people out of normal hearing range that he “wikkel”s. 

He has also decided recently that thinking very hard is described by the word “verdink”.  Have you ever heard the word before?  Me neither.  But Boeta doesn’t let a word’s absence from the dictionary stop him from using it.  So whenever his dvd takes a moment too long to load he patiently chants: hy verdink, hy verdink, hy verdink, hy het klaar verdink!

Boeta loves navigating when we go somewhere.  He knows the road to most of our frequent destinations.  Recently he has stopped worrying about the horizontal details and is now fascinated by the vertical.  We get a running commentary about uphills and downhills as we go. Typically like this:  Kyk mamma!  Daar is ‘n opdraende!  Ons ry op by die draende!  En ons ry af by die draende!  Waar is nog ‘n draende mamma?  Ek wil by die draende ry.  Lightning McQueen jy moet vinnig ry na die draende toe!

To clarify, I drive a red car and Boeta has decided that it is Lightning McQueen (from the movie Cars).  He can’t say a “r” in a word in Afrikaans either so “draende” sounds like “chaan-deh”.  He insists on muscling through every sound until they cooperate.

As you probably guessed from this update things are still going well.  Woutertjie had a nasty cough last night but that seems to have passed.  If it didn’t we would’ve been in hospital again by now.  Thank you God for looking after us.


2 Responses

  1. Hallo!
    Het vanoggend op RSG gehoor van ‘n ander medikasie vir kanker. Hulle het gepraat van IPT. Die website is http://www.camaa.co.za
    Hulle het gese dat die voordeel van die medikasie is dat dit nie die imuunsisteem so afbreek nie. En werk blykbaar met al die verskillende kanker.
    As jy belang stel om daar te loer.
    Ek en my dogtertjie nog elke aand dat die “gogga’s” in Wouter se hart en agter sy nier weg sal wees wanneer julle gaan vir die scan! Ons sal aanhou met gebed en GLO!
    Mooi naweek!

  2. Hey Suzaan, lekker giggel ek nou vir Wouter se draende. Snaaks hoe die kinders die woorde so in die regte konteks kan gebruik, maar tog is dit ook nie die hele woord nie.

    Geniet julle sondag!

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