Let’s get plastered

Woutertjie and I went to Panorama today to have his plaster redone.  It started coming loose and I know enough about sterility to know when it is time to call in the pro’s.  So off we went.  Boeta was so excited to see the “tannies”!  He really loves the nurses.  But then, they are absolutely amazing – you would be a fool not to like them.

Plaster changing is becoming less of a hassle.  They have plaster-removing swabs to loosen the glue but until recently Woutertjie simply didn’t care whether it hurt or not, he just fought for the sake of fighting.  Now he has moved on to the control stage.

It works like this:  I hold the swab.  He holds my hand in both of his.  He then moves my hand forwards and backwards while I try to guide the swab in the direction of the plaster.  This is more of a mission than you might think!  But in this way we waste a lot of time and not a single tear.  I think the wasted time is worth it.

So Woutertjie got his plaster changed and then wanted to do it again.  Imagine my face!  I blame Annelize (the play therapist).  She taught me about giving him a sense of control.  Now he is enjoying the control so much that he wants to redo the plaster!  LOL! 

Of all the pieces of advice I was given this must’ve been one of the major ones.  In the beginning Woutertjie got extremely agitated when he was being poked and prodded.  But since we’ve been actively giving him choices (do you want this nurse to do it or that nurse to do it) it has been so much easier.  Even if he doesn’t like the choices he still gets to choose.

I choose to go and give my husband a hug now.  Please look away on the count of three.




Why are you still looking?


2 Responses

  1. Hi Suzanne, Wouter, ek het op facebook gesê ek dink julle moet ‘n breek vat en weggaan vir ‘n naweek. Net julle twee. Ek is ernstig. Woutertjie klink heel stabiel op die oomblik. As julle dit enigsins kan doen, gaan!

  2. Hi you guys. I promise my little girl I will mail you. She is just as old as Woutertjie. Not a night goes past without her praying for Woutertjie. Well we are coming home in a couple of weeks as my mum has been diagnose with cancer. She just do not understand that she can’t go and play with Woutertjie. She nagg me nonstop to check my mail as she is sure that he has sent her a message. So please know you are in all of our prayers big or small.

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