The Lord spoke

I grew up in a conventional Protestant home.  We attended a tradional Protestant church (Dutch Reformed) and looked with a beady eye at the charismatic churches when they started to become popular in the ’80s.  Wouter grew up in the Reformed Church, which is even more tradional than the Dutch Reformed. 

Through the years we have become more liberal and now Wouter and I consider ourselves to be quite forward-thinking Christians.  That being said we have never been in the thick of things, telling people about our faith, experiencing God talking to us and sharing religious opinions.  Many of our friends and family have in recent years become closer to God and while we listened politely when they shared their personal experience of the Lord we never felt the same intense oneness with God.

And then the Lord decided that it was time for change.

During the last two months we have come so much closer to the Lord.  It hasn’t always been willingly – sometimes we were kicking and screaming but thank God, He never gave up on us.

What gets to me the most is how clearly I can hear the Lord speaking to me now.  Has His voice always been there and I just didn’t pay attention? 

A couple of days ago I mentioned in a post that Woutertjie doesn’t get tired like he used to.  I didn’t realise it until I typed it.  But it didn’t really cheer me up.  I thought about it and decided that the tumour shrunk (we know that – the doctors can feel it) and isn’t pressing against his lungs and that is why he feels better.  But I knew that it wasn’t the truth.  The tumour never interfered that much with his breathing.

Last night, after writing the “woe is me” post I dragged my tired self off to bed.  I think I was asleep before I hit the mattress.  Suddenly I woke up, wide awake and I just knew that Boeta’s heart is clear of cancer.  That is the reason why he doesn’t get tired.  Way back when, the doctors said that he would be tired because his one heart chamber was more than halfway filled with the tumour, impeding the flow of blood. I have no doubt now that the scans (the week of 17 March) will show that Boeta’s heart is clear of the cancer and that surgery can go ahead the following week.  Thank You for the message, Father.

We had supper with friends tonight.  What a blessed event!  This was exactly what we needed both physically and spiritually.  On our way home the Lord again spoke to me.  I had to tell them to stop worrying about their inexplicable infertility problems.  Their daughter is 5 years old and was, for various reasons, a miracle baby.  Since then they have been unable to have more children.  So there I was, in my own mind the most unlikely person to be given such a task, with the message that they should stand back and leave God in charge.  Please pray with me that our Father will hear their plea and grant them more children.

I never thought I would turn out to be someone brave enough to discuss God at any opportunity.  And here I am doing just that.  Actually I should be in bed already but I felt compelled to write this first.  Maybe there is someone out there who needs to read this now.

May we all stop rushing and become more like Samuel.  Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.


10 Responses

  1. Thanks for writing this – I’m also waiting for the Lord to talk to me more clearly or maybe I’m just not listening

  2. Hope you’re right. That would be incredible! Wow!

  3. Suzanne, ek is so ongelooflik trots op jou…en ongelooflik bevoorreg om jou as my vriendin te hê.

    Trots op jou vir die manier hoe jy hierdie moeilike paadjie loop en die manier hoe jy die klippe uit die pad rol sodat jy nogsteeds voorentoe kan kyk en loop. Trots om jou vriendin te wees, want jy wys vir my dat daar ‘n ongelooflike Here daarbuite is wat nooit opgee nie!!

    Dankie dat jy so oop is met jou gevoelens en gedagtes op jou blog – jy help nie net jouself nie, maar ook mense om jou (sonder dat jy dit besef).

    Lief vir jou

  4. Ek en my 4 jarige dogter bid elke aand dat God die kanker (gogga) uit Wouter se hartjie was weg vat, want NET Hy kan dit doen!
    Ek glo en vetrou dat dit God se stem was wat jy gehoor het en dat Hy ‘n wonderwerk gedoen het – dat Wouter se hart skoon gaan wees en 100% gesond!!!
    Sal aanhou volhard in gebed met die wete dat ons ‘n Lewene God as verlosser het.

  5. I so admire your courage in speaking out about what God made known to you. I have a history of second guessing what I think I hear because I am so afraid of things turning out badly.
    But I have learnt over the years to trust that inner voice and rest in God’s promises. He only wants good for you and your family, he loves your boy so much more than even you do (hard to believe) and he wants him restored back to health.
    you are an inspiration to me, a reminder that he wants to be in contact with us every moment.
    Praying for you all and sending love.

  6. Ek het na my Pa se dood baie nader aan God beweeg en Hom regtig as ‘n persoon begin ervaar. Maar met tyd het ek maar weer weggedwaal. Jou blog is besig om my te verander en die behoefte aan God se teenwoordigheid weer wakker te maak in my. Dankie vir jou woorde Suzanne. Dit beteken baie vir my.

  7. Wow, dis so ‘n voorreg om jou as ‘n suster te hê. Jy was nog altyd ‘n 2de “Hiena” vir my en ek kan regtig nou net weer sê: WOW!!! Die Here het my gebless met jou en Wouter in my lewe. Julle is regtig ‘n voorbeeld van hoe ‘n huisgesin moet function. Ek glo dat God nog groot planne met julle as gesin het, en dat Hy elke dag saam met julle loop. Dis so great!!! Ek is so bly vir jou!

  8. Vandag is ek weer in trane, soos vele kere tevore as ek jou blog lees. Maar vandag is dit trane van vreugde. Dankie dat jy jou getuienis so lewer. Vir al wat jy weet, baan jy vandag die weg vir iemand wat dit nodig het.

    Glo in Onse Vader, en Hy sal julle hierdeur dra.




  9. I really like this post!

  10. I started reading your blog last night and cannot stop. I am reading “the wrong way round” or the right way – who knows! But I am reading… and cannot stop!

    I have yet to make a comment – but this epiphany you had over the tumour in Boeta’s heart just spoke to me!

    I need to start listening more… because unless I listen, I won’t hear! Lots of love, Sandi

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