Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin

Those are the drugs that Woutertjie received today.  He is still busy with the doxorubicin – it is now 17:31 and he has another 4 hours of it left.  And tomorrow he is getting more. 

Boeta received Zofran (anti-nausea) before the chemo started and so far he hasn’t been nauseous.  We are very grateful. 

At the moment he is very puffy – his eyes are just slits – so he received diuretics.  The oncologist reckons it is fluid retention and is keeping an eye on him.

We were visited by the people from Reach for a Dream today.  I didn’t even think about Woutertjie being “eligible”.  They tried their best to find out what he likes, who he would like to meet, what he would like to do, etc.  He ignored them completely except to tell them to move over.  He was watching Mickey Mouse and they were blocking his view.  That’s my boy!  Nothing gets between him and whatever he is interested in at the moment.

I thought I was OK for today.  I think mentally I still am but I am very tired.  I’ve forgotten how tiring it is to sit and do nothing the whole day.  At the moment I can’t even think of anything witty to end this post with so you will have to make do with a plain and simple goodbye.



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  1. Hi jy, ek het gou kom kyk of jy al ‘n update gedoen het oor boeta se chemo. Sjoe, hopelik is dit nou nie meer lank tot dit klaar is vir vandag nie.

    Ek hoop ook hy raak nie later naar nie. hehe, pure kind, wat die lastige grootmense uit die pad jaag! Silly mense, kan hulle nie sien hy kyk TV nie?

    Ek het vandag heeldag aan julle gedink.

    Sterkte vir die nag!



  2. I’m fairly familiar with the drugs they gave your little man! Bianca got Cyclophosphamide a couple of times in 2007 and Doxorubicin 3 times (one a week for 3 weeks) – also in 2007. Vincristine is one drug she got from the start and is still getting it once a month until end of treatment. I found the Cyclophosphamide very frustrating because it took so very long.

    How exciting to meet Reach for a Dream. Bianca got a wish granted last year and chose to meet one of the local TV presenters and did baking experiments with her. She had such good fun! Can’t wait to hear what your little man will choose!

    Hang in there. Before you know it you will be back home taking a break from hospital!

  3. Hey jy, ek hoop julle nag was lekker rustig! Sterkte vir vandag!

  4. Best wishes. Strongs to you.

  5. Sterkte skoonsus, sien julle moreaand. x

  6. O ja ek wonder of die Reach for a dream mense die hele CARS cast sal kan invoer! 🙂

  7. Hello Family
    I was just told about your precious boy from a friend of mine and had to keep and ‘meet’ him! My son Deqlan was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, when he was 8 months old. We went through 11 rounds of chemo, 6 surgeries and many months in isolation and i am on my knees and so grateful to say that he has had no evidence of disease for 13 months! Praise Our Lord! If you would like to come and visit our site its

    Will be praying for your precious boy , he sounds to cute for words. I will be praying for you to, i know how tough this journey is on us as parents – but just continue to lean on Our Lord.

    God Bless, hugs and hope
    Mark Samm Deqlan Logan Higgins

  8. Ai, ek dink so baie aan jou vandat ons Sondagaand gepraat het. Wens so daar was iets wat ek vir jou kon doen. Dankie vir die tyd wat jy afstaan om ons almal op hoogte te hou op die blog. Ons waardeer dit baie. Baie sterkte – en jy weet waar jy kan kom kuier as dinge te veel raak. Gee vir hom en Carien lekker stywe drukkies en soentjies van my, Kyla en Ruan af.
    Sterkte Nig!

  9. Haha, nee marli… ek dink nie CARS of KUNG FU PANDA is moontlik nie?!

    Love you zani. xxxxxxxxx

  10. Hello,

    Just want to let you know our prayers are with your family as you go through this rough time in your lives.

    Know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.

    Love from
    Claire Ferreira

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