2 weeks home

Can you believe it?  I can’t.  We’ve been home for a full, complete, whole, uninterrupted 2 weeks.  Give it up for the power of prayer!

On Tuesday the oncologist said that, in her experience, Woutertjie will have to be hospitalised before the end of the week.  Today is Sunday… !

I have to contact the doctors tomorrow morning to find out if they want Woutertjie to come in for a full blood count.  If his heamoglobin and platelet counts are still as low he will need a blood transfusion before the chemo can start.  His white blood count must also be higher but a transfusion won’t help with that.  So pray please.  We really want him to be ready for chemo on Tuesday as scheduled.

I have to contact the doctors tomorrow morning because neither they nor I considered the possibility that Boeta would be at home for so long…  Time for me to work on my doubt issues…

While I’m posting about blood transfusions.  I am donating again from next week!  I’ve donated something like 54 units already.  After Carien I wasn’t allowed until now so off I go again!  And to all of you who know deep down you should actually donate – go and do it!  I’ve never been on the receiving end of donations but oh boy, was I grateful when Woutertjie had to get a transfusion last year and there was blood available! 

And in case you are using the “I don’t know when and where” excuse, here are the clinic websites:

For the Western Cape:


For the rest of SA:


So run along and go donate!  At the risk of sounding like the TV licence ad, it really is the right thing to do!


3 Responses

  1. I can add to this – to date Bianca has required more than 30 blood product transfusions. Some of it was just your typical red blood cells and others were Platelets and then her IVIG which is made up of Plasma. We are so thankful to everybody who is able and willing to donate!

  2. O WOW, dis absolute great nuus! 2 volle weke!!!! Way to go Woutertjie!

    Sterkte vir die week Suzanne! Ek dink aan julle!

  3. Two whole weeks.. that is awesome!!

    Thinking of you for Tuesday and praying that all goes according to plan! Remember I am just a phone call away..

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