Speechless again

Today Wouter saw me speechless for the 4th time.  I still am.  He is too.  Do you think that balances out my 4th and that I can return my counter to 3 times?  I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I’m easy.

This morning I was putting Carien down for a nap when my phone rang.  Annie was outside (do you remember Annie?  My oldest/longest friend – which one is correct?) with “something for us”.  Wouter opened the door and by the time I got outside he was still speechless.

Under Annie’s expert guidance our families and friends sent us Valentine’s baskets.  One each for Wouterman and Carien and a great big one for Wouter and me.  We got everything from cheese and crackers to heart shaped chocolate cakes to Annie’s mother-in-law’s most devine carrot cake and all sorts of other goodies.  I haven’t been able to get hold of all of you yet but thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was the best surprise! 

Soon after that the nurse from our GP’s offices phoned just to hear how we are doing.  They’ve been thinking of us since he was initially examined by Dr Kuhn and wanted to know if we are holding up.  I still can’t express the gratitude I feel towards Dr Kuhn.  He did a thorough examination and found the tumour.  I don’t want to think about what would’ve happened if it was found later…

This afternoon Carien and I had a meet with the BN girls in Kirstenbosch.  What fun it was!  I finally met Sally (from the UK) and now I know who Shelly is.*  It was loads of fun and we spent close to 3 hours chatting. 

*Dr Gerrit de Villiers (paed) told me a while ago that Shelly, the mom of one of his other patients, knows us.  I had no idea who Shelly is.  Not the faintest.  Gerrit looked at me like I should be admitted instead of Woutertjie but left it there.  Later I realised that Shelly = “Gabbi’s mommy” on the parenting forum that I’m a regular on.  Hallo Shelly!


2 Responses

  1. Hehe, I think it’s quite funny how we struggle to associate our online lives with real life people sometimes 🙂
    Your friends are very special

  2. Ek lees elke dag, ek bewonder julle krag, ek glo alles kom van BO. Mitchell mis Woutertjie by Riana. Groete

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