I am speechless

If you know me you will know that this is a very rare occurrence.  An Australian cricket presenter will go quiet before I do.  I think in the 9 years that I’ve known Wouter he has seen me speechless twice – the first time after I broke up with my boyfriend at that time (following disastrous advice from my wonderful friend Wouter, who quickly went on to become my supportive friend Wouter, my special friend Wouter and then my boyfriend Wouter – deviousness personified!) and the second when he proposed. 

Well, today is the third time. 

An online acquintance (ie I chat to her online, I’ve never spoken to her and I had no idea what she looks like) just dropped off a huge bag of presents for the children and me.  Out of the blue.  I really wish she phoned first – I look like a ragged, unkempt, out-of-my-depth stay-at-home-mom today.  How SAHMs manage to look like something with children around them 24/7 I don’t know.  Respect, women!

Here is the shocker:  I was so surprised I had nothing to say to her.  My part of the conversation went like this:

“Um … thank you … um … I don’t know what to say … um”

Get the picture?

So for the last hour the children and I have been playing with their new toys.  Carien’s doll had to be put into and taken out of its carseat repeatedly, taking care to replace its hat every time.  Woutertjie instructed me to build castles and towers with his multi colour, multi shape wooden blocks and he took care of the subsequent demolition work.  And I received a pamper package.  What bliss!

Now that I’ve had time to think about it, here goes:  Thanks Ilse.  I still don’t have words but I’m not going to let minor things like that stand in my way.  Thank you.  Please drop by again.  Just warn me in advance so I don’t scare you off with my hooligan-look again!


5 Responses

  1. Niks speel so lekker soos nuwe speelgoed, of iemand anders se speelgoed nie. Hehe!

  2. Sorry, should have phoned. I really cannot remember that you looked bad or anything. And I don’t scare easily. Glad the kids enjoyed it

  3. Phoning, shmoning! And you need glasses. Urgently! 😉

    Next time you are around, don’t phone and come on in for tea. This was a wonderful surprise. Thank you again!

  4. Obviously I deny having given any bad relationship advice to Suzanne!! No comment….speak to my office…..my people will call your people….

  5. Yes, I don’t know how moms are supposed to look good all the time, I have no idea. There will be a little something for your little ones on the way shortly. Just need to find time to go to the post office and I promise I won’t arrive unannounced (as NZ is just a little bit out of the way) :-).

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