Popcorn vs wild boar

Recently Lea  posted about the food cravings Bianca gets from certain treatments.  One night, after watching Asterix, she had to have wild boar. 

So I count myself lucky that Woutertjie’s cravings have been more normal.  Easier to get hold of certainly!  At the moment he eats microwave popcorn and milk.  He has to put the bag of popcorn in the microwave himself.  Then he has to press the button twice himself.  Then I have to join him in watching how the bag’s tummy gets big.  And then I have to take it out and put it in a bowl.  Soon after I have to provide the cold, white milk.  That means it must not be flavoured in any way.  (I tried spiking it with nutrition supplements but he can taste it a mile away.)

His previous combinations were bacon and cream soda, chocolate milk and cereal, etc.  And while he favours a certain combination nothing else will do.  Our shopping trolley looks very weird: bit of food and lots of the same item of junk food. 

Very predictably he tires of his chosen menu the very next day after I’ve stocked up on it.  At the moment we have cupboards full of things that he had to have and now refuses to touch.  But when he cycles past these ones again I will be prepared!