I am sooooo sore today!

The last couple of months my toes started going numb during exercise and my personal trainer (yes I have one of those, she is the only reason why I actually go to gym) has started looking at me with her angry eyes (refer Toy Story 2) because I haven’t been to see the biokineticist.  So today I went to see the biokineticist. 

I have three words to say: Oh My Word.

I don’t think I’ve ever been hurt so much by one person.  I am bruised and battered from the hips down.  And I have to go back on Monday…  Wish me luck!  (PS:  I know this will help in the long run but I’m more of a sprinter, myself.)

Wouter is at a church-band meeting tonight and I just finished putting the children to bed.  We spent a very instructive 15 minutes reading about a little mouse that was sick and the doctor came visiting to make her better.  For the first time Woutertjie suddenly grasped the idea of “little soldiers” in his blood that fight the nasty germs and of course the krokkenoster.  He is fascinated by the idea.  He is much more into the handwashing thing too – quite something for someone who prefers to be slightly grubby 24/7.  Carien is the exact opposite.  She has to be clean 24/7.  Or when she remembers.  Whichever comes first.

Today was so hot that I had my first cup of tea for the day 10 minutes ago (it is now 21:15) and I’m off to get another.  The first one I made 45 minutes ago.  It passed “warm” soon after, quickly rushing through “well cooled” and by the time I got to it had firmly settled in “tepid”.  But I drank it anyway because that’s what mommies do.  This mommy at least.

Oh, let me rush off – Wouter is pulling into the garage at the moment.  With any luck and a lot of speed I may surprise him at the door with fresh coffee.

See you soon!


5 Responses

  1. Wow Suzanne! Sounds like today was a good day… you have a lot of energy to be doing all the doings and make coffee with a smile at the end of it all! hope the rest of the week carries on so well. Lots of love, Sue

  2. Zani, jy’s awesome. Serious. There is no charge for awesomeness, or attractiveness…..BUT THERE SHOULD BE! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Bianca also loves the thoughts of having little soldiers in her body.

    We use a lot of antibacterial hand gel and feel that it made the world of difference. I know that you are isolated at the moment at home, we’ve been there and know how frustrating it can be at times. But you’ll get through, I’m sure of it! I’m really glad though that you are able to be at home during this time!

    Hugs as always!!!

  4. Elke dag moet ek eers jou blog kom lees. Klein Wouter is nou al so deel van ons familie, en elke aand bid Annibelle en Nathan vir Wouter en vir die goggas in sy bloed.

    Hulle verstaan die hele konsep daarvan, want ons buur seuntjie is ook besig om sy eie stryd te stry teen kanker.

    Elke aand bid ons ook dan vir julle, vir krag van Bo.

  5. Thanking of you. You are an amazing and inspirational person Suzanne. Truly!

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