Blessings everywhere

We are so blessed.  Yesterday I took Woutertjie for his weekly full blood count.  They took the blood and I spent and hour trying to convince Boeta to go home. *rolling eyes*

Yesterday afternoon the paediatrician’s receptionist phoned to say that his counts are low: total white cell count 0.8 (normal is 5 – 15), platelets 71 (should be >120), heamoglobin (Hb) 7.8 (should be >11).  I’m not sure what the exact ranges are.  Sue me.  I’m just the mommy.

This morning we saw the oncologist for the weekly check-up.  Apparently after receiving the results yesterday she demanded to know how Boeta could be sent home in the state that he must be in. According to his results he should be tired, lethargic, ill and generally unhappy.  Well, no one bothered to tell him about it!

Boeta and Carien had a roaring time this weekend riding on their bikes (those black plastic motorbikes that make a lot of noise) and playing ballgames with us.  Boeta isn’t even particularly pale.  And he is definitely not lethargic.  In fact, from looking at him you’d never guess that he wasn’t completely healthy. 

So Dr Stefan decided that we could go home under strict isolation rules.  No one is allowed in our house.  The exception is my mom who babysits when I have to go somewhere, but she spends the whole time with a mask on.  So unless Woutertjie becomes lethargic (Hb drops even lower), he starts bleeding (platelets drop even lower) of he gets a fever we are home until the next chemo on Tuesday.  Please pray with us that Boeta remains healthy.  He can’t receive chemo if his white cell counts don’t increase so please keep that in your prayers as well.

Carien is currently playing with water outside.  How to amuse a 1-year old: Take 1 standard issue hosepipe.  Open a fraction.  Give plastic containers of various sizes to mentioned toddler.  Watch how she fills them one by one, fills one using the other, tries to drink water from the hose and gets herself completely wet, notices the cat…  Our cat has officially lost one of its lives from shock a minute ago.  He was happily taking a beauty sleep in a sunny spot and got woken by a toddler on a mission with a hose pipe. 

OK, edit to add disclaimer:  Do not under any circumstance take your eyes of fthe toddler because then she comes looking for you in the house, with the hose pipe in her hand.

We are so grateful that Boeta is doing well.  Miracles happen in strange ways.  For us the miracle is that Woutertjie hasn’t had fever and that he is still at home.  Thank you God.

3 Responses

  1. I really hope his levels improve!
    I laughed at Carien’s antics, does wouter try and join in?

  2. Sounds like you guys are doing so well!
    Woutertjie is really giving this krokkenoster no opportunity to get him down – good for him!

    I hope he stays healthy and home until the next treatment!

    Love and thoughts

  3. We are very familiar with blood counts as you know, and we agree that it is so amazing how Wouter is doing so well despite his bloods. Miracles do happen in strange ways – we have experienced this too with Catherine.

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