Farewell Declan

Dear Dec

Since you always wrote your own updates I’ve decided to do my own as well. 

When I was diagnosed your mom was one of the first to contact my mom and offer advice.  It meant so much to her.  It meant so much to me as well because when she felt better, I felt better too. 

My mom told everyone about you and about how brave you are.  My granny even tore your stories from the paper to show them to my mom.  They were constantly discussing what wonderful, supportive parents you have. 

Now you’ve gone with the angels to live with our Heavenly Daddy.  Please say hallo from me!  And please ask Him to make me well again.  I’m going for my next chemo next week Tuesday (the 17th).  Please ask the angels to come and hold my hand for that.  The after-effects really got to me last time.  I was nauseous and my mouth and throat were covered in sores so I spent a lot of time in hospital because I couldn’t eat or drink.

I am so glad that you don’t have to go through chemo anymore. 

My mom and dad are praying all the time for your mom and dad and family.  They are asking God to make your folks strong and hold their hands. 

Goodbye Dec.  You will be missed.




In memory of Declan du Toit     14/06/2008  –  08/02/2009


One Response

  1. Ek het vanoggend op julle webblad afgekom. Ek sal vir julle ook bid soos vir klein Declan. Ons verstaan nie altyd nie maar baie sterkte, Hy sal vir julle die krag gee wat alle menslike verstand te bowe gaan.


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