Our 6th day in a row at home!

I don’t know how many of you live in/around Cape Town but good grief!  Has it ever been as hot as it was today???  The largest part of the day we were vying for a spot in front of the fan.  They say you can tell how hot it is by the length of a cat – ours was about 3m long today… 🙂

We had to take a quick trip to the Paediatric ward this evening.  Woutertjie’s dressings on the Broviac tube came loose and it had to be cleaned and redone.  So the two of us went while Wouter and Carien did some bonding at home.  Would you believe that we spent almost an hour there?  5 minutes to repair the damage, 55 minutes to convince Boeta to come home.  He was 100% at home from the moment we walked in and was actually quite firm that he wanted to stay there.  I’m still deciding how this makes me feel!

A while ago a friend of mine, Sally, mailed me to share the lyrics of a song that she was listening to and that made her think of our situation.  I fell in love instantly and she responded by sending me the CD.  I’ve been listening to it constantly since. 

This song has brought me to tears, begging God to draw me nearer and it has brought me comfort, knowing that God is drawing me nearer.  I’ve adopted it as my daily prayer and would love to share it with you.

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer


Jesus, draw me ever nearer

As I labour through the storm;

You have called me to this passage

And Ill follow, though Im worn.



May this journey bring a blessing,

May I rise on wings of faith;

And at the end of my hearts testing,

With Your likeness let me wake.


Jesus guide me through the tempest

Keep my spirit staid and sure;

When the midnight meets the morning,

Let me love You even more.


Let the treasures of the trial

Form within me as I go –

And at the end of this long passage,

Let me leave them at Your throne.


Keith & Kristyn Getty / In Christ Alone 2008