Why you should do things you don’t want to

What a blessed day this was!  Emerentia didn’t phone me so I went to see her and told her straight out that I didn’t feel like talking.  So she ignored me and got me talking.  In other words, she did her job and did it well.

In the end we spent more time discussing God, prayer, miracles, angels, hope and faith than “typical” social worker things and it was the best thing that happened to me the whole day.  Except for Carientjie giving me a sloppy, open mouthed kiss.  That was the bestest best thing of the day.

So I can honestly say that at the moment I am well.  I feel strong and humble.  I am immensely sad for Declan’s family and for our minister, Tielman Germishuys’ family (his mother had a cancer relapse and was told that there aren’t any treatment options available) but I’m not projecting their sadness on our heartache.  I am praying for both families for miraculous healing through the grace of our Heavenly Father. 

On an “us” note.  Carien had such a good time playing with the hose pipe this evening.  It was a very hot day and at 19:30-ish I opened the pipe a smidgen and she was entertaining herself for an hour filling small plastic containers with water and then emptying them onto the lawn.  By the time she was done she was wet everywhere except her bum – Pampers rule! 🙂

Annie came visiting today with her son Graham (10 months).  I’ve known Annie since we were roommates in first year at the University of Stellenbosch.  That was in 1994.  So we celebrated 15 years of friendship in January!  Congrats to us!  After all these years Annie has earned the right to be brutally honest with me.  And she is.  I love her for it.  Someone asked her how I was doing and she answered that, since what I say and what I write are complete opposites, she guesses that I’m doing about average between the two.  I never realised how honest I am on here.  I asked Wouter about it and he said he reads the blog every day to find out how I’m really doing…  I think he is trying to tell me something!

Today is our 5th in a row at home.  A record!  Please pray with us that Woutertjie remains healthy and doesn’t have fever since that will most probably lead to immediate admission.  We are going to hospital on Monday to have blood drawn for a full blood count and then we are seeing the oncologist on Tuesday.  Based on the results from his FBC she will then decide if he has to be in isolation or not.  Please pray that his levels are healthy.  And please pray for complete healing for our gorgeous son.

May God be with each of you this weekend.  Amen.


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  1. Praying as always. I’m so happy that your meeting went really well and that you feel very positive after it.

    I pray that there will be no isolation and I pray that you will stay at home until it is time for the next treatment session.

    Hugs to you all!

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