Lost: Routine. Reward offered.

Oh my word.  I never thought I would miss routine as much as I do!

We’ve never been routine-parents.  We are a children-driven family.  This is pretty-speak for saying our home life is chaos!  The only fixed thing (except for when it isn’t fixed) is bedtime.  Both Boeta and Carien go to bed at 20:30.  Or they used to. 

Hospital living has hit bedtime with a nasty upper cut to the jaw.  In hospital Boeta isn’t as active as he usually is, isn’t tired and struggles to go to sleep.  I arrive home after 20:00 and play with Carien until she falls asleep from exhaustion. 

Now we are home but bedtime is just a faint, pleasant memory.  It is now 22:00 and both little monsters are finally in bed.  I suspect Boeta isn’t sleeping yet but at least he is on his way to dreamland.

Wouter and I haven’t said more than “hallo, are you making tea or am I” since he got home.  So excuse me but I am off now to try and have a conversation with my husband before we both fall asleep from exhaustion.  I expect that will be about 10 minutes from now.  Sweet dreams!