Double trouble

I’ve forgotten how exhausting two toddlers are!  Boeta has something.  Carien wants it because he has it.  He doesn’t want her to have it because she wants it.  Cue tantrums, screaming, whining, complaining and me trying to restore calm.  My word.  This is why I never wanted to be a stay at home mom! LOL!

Woutertjie is doing well.  His routine is totally shot – he only went to sleep at 23:30 last night … usual bedtime is 20:30.  We had our first playdate yesterday.  Usually Woutertjie is the busiest child at any party, playing until he drops from exhaustion.  Yesterday his best friends from play school, Loedolf and Sumari, were there but he mostly watched them play.  I think it was very overwhelming for him.  After 6 weeks of almost no children and definately no busy-ness it took a while for him to thaw.  But we are going there this afternoon so we’ll see if it goes better!