Day 2 of 5

Well, Woutertjie is done with the second day of chemo.  Three more to go.  He is on a drip the whole time.  Literally.  Not that he lets it stop him.  He makes us cringe with the things he gets up to with the Broviac in tow.  We keep on cotton-balling him and he keeps on ignoring us.  So in summary we have a normal relationship. (Wouter is backseat-writing and he wants me to finish the previous sentence with an exclamation mark but I refuse.  I know you wanted to know this.)

Today was another good day.  Boeta is still refusing to eat any “normal” food.  Anything resembling a vitamin is firmly rejected with a “no mommy, I have a krokkenoster in my tummy” while any junk food is savoured.  Except for cherry tomatoes.  He still likes them.  Go figure.

I presented him this morning with his breakfast.  He refused.  I asked if he wanted droëwors (dried sausage for the non-SA readers).  He refused.  I took a looooong piece, told him that it was mine and that he was not to touch it under any circumstance.  He finished it within 5 minutes.  I dedicate this moment to my mother, who, using similar deplorable techniques, managed to raise 4 well-adjusted, somewhat-honest children.  But we are undoubtedly fabulous.

To get back to the point:  This is a 5 day chemo session.  Then Boeta has 2 weeks off with weekly blood tests but no chemo.  And then we redo this complete set of chemo treatments:  a 3 day treatment, 2 weeks of one day treatments and then a 5 day one.  After that, the week of the 17th March the re-assessment happens.  Then they redo all the scans and decide where to from here.

We need you to pray that they will see significant, if not total, reduction in the tumours.  Specifically please pray that the tumour in his heart will disappear.  That is the biggest concern because everytime he needs to get anaesthesia it presents a huge risk.  A tumour can be surgically removed from many places but not from inside the heart.

Thank you so much for reading our blog and for commenting and please feel free to give the link to others!  We appreciate your prayers and support more than we could ever tell you.  Thank you.

5 Responses

  1. I love your mind games with the food! :-). Right now I’m making Bianca choose a different food to try and I keep reminding her that she chose it, not me and so she has to keep trying for a week :-). Oh how great shifting the responsibility… :-).

    As always you are in my prayers and thoughts. By the time you read this message it will already be day 3 and only 2 more days left in this batch!

    Hugs to you all and especially little Wouter who is so incredibly brave! You can tell him he is our hero!

  2. lol! Ja, so maak ons maar die kinders lie. Ek is net nie so seker van die well-adjusted deel in so verre dit op jou betrekking het nie…

  3. hehe, love how you got him to eat 🙂

  4. hahaha! Zani, kry ek nou flashbacks van ons jongdae… 🙂
    ek kom kuier vrydag middag bietjie by julle. jy moet se as ek iets moet saambring. love julle vreeslik baie!

  5. No man can resist droewors…!

    Se hallo vir Boeta van ons af.

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