What a beautiful day

All in all yesterday was a good day.  Factually, that is.  Emotionally not so much!

Yesterday we heard that:

1.  Boeta gained weight!  He was 19.1kg when he was diagnosed, dropped to 16.6kg last Thursday when he was admitted and yesterday he weighed 17kg.  He is eating OKish at the moment provided we give him what he feels like at that particular moment.  He can’t tell us what he feels like so we just guess, guess, guess!  Maybe he wants some wild boar (thanks for that, Lea!).

2.  He’s been feverish every single evening and the paediatrician worried that there may be infection in his Broviac.  So yesterday they did a chest xray and it is clear.  Thank God!  If there was infection they would’ve had to operate again to remove it and insert another one. 

3.  The cardiologist came by to do an ECHO (sonar) to check that the Broviac is OK.  It is.  Added to that she looked at the tumour in his heart and it hasn’t gotten bigger.  That is good news too.

4.  His white blood counts are up.  It should be between 5 and 15.  His was 0.5 when admitted last Thursday, it dropped to 0.4 on Saturday, increased to 0.7  on Monday and yesterday it leaped to 1.5!  He has been getting bone marrow boosting injections on his thighs.  Later today I probably will repost yesterday’s update since I have to assist with holding him for it.  They put local anaesthetic patches on but since those are plasters and it is then followed by the injection he goes mad.  Please pray for us.


4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad things are looking up at the moment Suzanne.

    We think of you and pray for your family all the time!!!


  2. Glad it’s going a bit better

  3. I’m so glad that on the medical side things are progressing well. Those injections must be so incredibly frustrating, Bianca hates injections and sub-cut stuff. Would it help to put some ice on the spot? I’m so glad the tumor in his heart has not grown – and that weight gain is so great!!!

    It is now 7:25 in the morning and Bianca is already asking for some wild boar for lunch – I think today is going to be interesting :-).

    Hang in there, just remember that every day you get through is one day closer to the last day of treatment!

    Hugs, prayers and thoughts to you all and especially for little Wouter!!!

  4. Dear Suzanne,
    I just heard today about Woutertjie. Your family has all the prayers and strengthening thoughts from me and my family!!
    On reading your account, I am humbled by the great positivity and faith that you and Wouter are showing – as well as the great love that is very apparent between you all.
    We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    With Love.

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