Hair, hair, everywhere

It has begun.  Today I noticed hair on Boeta’s pillow for the first time.  And when I looked I realised it is on his pillow, on his sheets, on his clothes, everywhere.

The upside is that he won’t have to bother with his greatest hate anymore: washing hair.

For some reason Boeta has never taken to washing hair.  From birth.  Before he was old enough to know whether he liked something or not he already knew that he didn’t like washing hair.  It doesn’t help that he has a lot of hair.  He had only fluff until he was well over 1 year old.  When his hair finally started growing it went wild.  But then, with Wouter and I as parents it isn’t that surprising.  We both have daily hair issues, all of it involving taming the lot.

In a way I am grateful that he is losing his hair so soon into the treatment.  The chemo is definitely affecting his body and therefore should do the same to the tumour.  I wish I could pull the tumour bit by bit from his body like I pull out his hair.  Everytime I run my fingers through his hair I come away with a handful.  And while I am grateful that the chemo is working it feels like he is losing his innocence hair by hair.  No 3 year old should have to be constantly aware of the tube coming out of his chest, the drip tubes connected to it, the whole everything involved in living in a hospital.

But the 3 year old in question is too busy playing, talking and charming the nurses to be bothered with his mother’s issues.  And I’m not about to introduce him to mine.  So we are “making normal” and soldiering on.

6 Responses

  1. Oh Suzanne!
    I’m sorry about the hair, but you sound so, so strong – and I take my hat off to you for that.

    Love the blog, I think it’s a really great idea!!! 🙂

    Will be following closely, right up until the Monster has been beaten for good!


  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! You might end up like the rest of us – totally addicted :-). But of course will be a good place to share what you feel and look back on the road you traveled and one day your little man can come here and read all about the time he became a hero and an inspiration to the rest of us.

    I can tell you that losing hair never bothered Bianca and in some respects this age is good because they don’t question anything, they just do what they need to.

    Isolation is not fun, but sometimes necessary. We’ve spent our fair share in isolation too and somehow it never bothers Bianca, we seem to be the ones who wish for “freedom” when we are stuck in isolation. :-).

    Sorry if I seem like a stalker. I’m just really interested in your journey!

  3. I found your blog for the first time today, I used to call my son Boeta too…
    I am praying for you and I hope that all goes well. What type of cancer does he have?

  4. Wouter and Suzanne,

    I cannot begin to know how you do it, but reading this blog about Boeta losing his hair has caused the tears to pour down my face. How hard it must have been for you. From the photos I see he had beautiful hair (whether it was washed or not.) I know I hated having my hair washed as a little boy too. I believe this is a season, and that Wouter’s hair will grow again. Know that every time I go to facebook, I check out the group ‘praying for Wouter.’

    You have been so brave about all this – as you need to be for the sake of your little boy, but know that as hard as I pray for Wouter get well, I also entrust you both into his hands and that he may sustain you as you support Boeta.

    I saw today that there are 1004 people in the group. That’s good.

  5. I would have your issues with his hair loss too, but I’m thrilled that he’s playing normally 🙂
    BTW, instead of posting here and on FB, you can add these posts to the group on FB as a posted item.

  6. Hallo, welkom hier by ons in die blog wêreld. Hoop als gaan goed met jou klein seuntjie en dat hy sommer baie gou weer op die been is.

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