Boeta is in isolation for the first time

The oncologist, Dr Cristina Stefan, came by.  Boeta’s white blood count is low enough to be considered zero.  Based on the results he should’ve picked up an infection by now but he is healthy as a horse at the moment.  Just another miracle.

We expected that his counts would drop as it is one of the effects of the chemo.  The low-point is usually between 10 and 14 days post-treatment.   Today is the 10th day.  So in 4 days time his counts should start to increase again.  The oncologist is quite pleased that his white cell count dropped so much.  It is an indication that the chemo is working well.  Now we just have to keep him healthy for the next round on Tuesday.  Please pray with us!

I mentioned to Dr Stefan that Boeta’s abdomen seems to be a lot flatter.  She looked at me, looked away, looked at me again and said that she doesn’t want to say too much based on purely feeling his stomach but that the tumour feels smaller.  This is purely based on how his abdomen feels.  Lots of things could be going on inside and we will only know during the week of 17 March when the re-assessment scans are done.  I believe that God is good and great and will heal our child completely.  Praise our mighty God for carrying us this far and for sending amazing doctors, nurses, supporters and friends our way.


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